Weekend Fights Recap

CommentaryIconDon’t you love it when you go to bed, excited to make a podcast the next morning and then you wake up only to find that you lost your voice in the middle of the night?

If you’re me the answer is no, I do not love it. So instead of giving you a podcast full of sound clips, observations, analysis and snark that you can listen to at work or at the gym, you now have to read a blog and hope that your boss doesn’t catch you while you pretend that you’re actually doing your job. So try to sit back and relax as I go over this past weekend’s big fights.

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Top Ten Pay-Per-Views of the last ten years (2005-2015)

CommentaryIconI know that technically speaking this is the last 11 years of PPV’s however this list is about coming to full circle with what has taken place in 2015.  In 2005 both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather made their first ventures into the PPV market.  In 2015, they finally stepped into the ring together for what turned out to be a mere sparring session where one guy couldn’t and the other guy wouldn’t.   Since 2005 we’ve seen PPV records broken and made with these two fighters. Today we want to examine those PPV’s with a strong emphasis on the main event for this list that made us feel like we got our money’s worth. This list is just the opinion of one boxing fan that has spent what feels like thousands on PPV’s and these were the top ten PPV’s that I felt were worth the price of admission.

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Back to the basics: Throwing the hook

TrainingIconA power punch that all boxers should know is the hook.  For more information on the hook, check out our section on that punch.   For now, lets go over the basics of the hook through a video I made.  I will demonstrate the hook thrown with a vertical fist, with a horizontal fist, hook to the body and the shovel hook.  I will demonstrate the proper body mechanics for these punch variations.  If you have any question, be sure to contact me through the contact link at the top of the site.

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Interview: Jeffrey Page Jr.

PageThumbJeffrey Page Jr. is an up and coming super middleweight from Andover, Kansas.  Jeff turned pro in 2013 and has fought 16 opponents. His record is 16-1-0 with (10 knock outs stated by Box Rec.  Jeff says he has 13 knock outs.)  Jeff is managed by his dad and trained by his uncle.

Jeff states, “Boxing is my career, it is not something I’m doing for fun.”  He is very serious about stepping up to the next level.  He will lace up his gloves once again on August 29th in Joplin, Missouri.  Jeff is a hard-working with great stamina, punching power and speed.  He can adapt to any boxing style with confidence.  Let’s meet Jeff:

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Mayweather – Berto: A Revolting Reality

Podcast IconAndrew goes over the latest PBC on ESPN card.  Could Keith Thurman be next for Danny Garcia?  Did Paulie Malignaggi really have any chance against Garcia?  What does Andrew think of Floyd Mayweather ending his career against Andre Berto?  Well, you should know the answer to that, he’s not happy.  Plus some sound clips from some Star Trek movies, so this podcast can’t be too lame, right?

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