The Road to Cotto-Canelo PART THREE

BenetizThThe nostalgia and mystic of the 1980s for boxing fans has two headlines; The Fab Four and Mike Tyson.  The Fab Four has always included Roberto Duran, Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns, but it can be argued that it should have always been the Fab Five of the 1980s.  Wilfred Benitez faced three of the Fab Four and was only successful against Duran.  He did give both Leonard and Hearns difficult fights in which he was able to display his amazing defense.

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The Road to Cotto-Canelo PART TWO

CommentaryIconAs mentioned on the first part of this series we will not be going in chronological order. This week it was timely to look at one of the recent and successful participants in the Mexico – Puerto Rico rivalry.  Orlando Salido has now had two sets of fights that should be considered a highlight of the countries’ rivalry.  We’ll start with the first series Salido had with Juan Manuel Lopez.

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Interview: Featherweight Jennifer Han

JHanThJennifer Han’s (12-3-1) biggest wish has finally come true, she will be fighting for the IBF World Featherweight title on Saturday, September 19,2015 at the Dan Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas.

Postponement made this fight seem impossible when her opponent Helen Joseph (12-2) could not secure a Visa in April.  Jennifer was devastated but willingly fought another opponent in April and was victorious. She still couldn’t stop thinking about whether her first world title fight would ever happen.

The fight is signed, sealed and delivered and Jenn is ready to rumble in front of her hometown crowd and she couldn’t be more ecstatic.  Let’s meet Jennifer Han.

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Mayweather vs. Berto: A Night at the Press Box

CommentaryIconThe Tampa Bay Area isn’t a boxing town, it’s more like every other town in America; it’s a football town.  To be more specific it’s more of a college football town.  Due to the lack of hype and anticipation for this Per-Per-View there weren’t that many places showing the bout, but I did  find a sports bar in Tampa called The Press Box that was advertising showing the fight.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when entering The Press Box however there was a very lively and loud atmosphere as soon as I walked in, that was interrupted by a $20 cover, but that’s better than $75.  There were many sports fans there watching college football games and to my knowledge I was the only boxing fan on the scene along with a friend that I brought along.  We started off the night by playing darts and some pool while enjoying a couple of IPAs.  More after the break.

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