Interview: Trainer Jeff Mayweather – Part 1

InterviewEveryone in boxing knows the Mayweather name.  The star of this three part interview is Jeff Mayweather.  Jeff is known by many as “The Quiet Mayweather” because of his laid back and calm nature.  He is also an outstanding trainer and all around good guy.

His love of boxing is what you notice the minute he starts speaking about training fighters and the sweet science.  Jeff knows his craft from both sides of the ropes; he has worked the corner of several well-known champions and continues to do so today. Jeff finds enjoyment in helping young fighters reach their potential and make their dreams come true.

Jeff is a dedicated trainer, intelligent and a positive example to his fighters.  He has stayed away from interviews for a few years and I was very lucky to get a chance to chat with him.  Let’s talk with Jeff Mayweather:

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Boxing movie review: Champs

ChampsThumbChamps is a documentary by writer – director Bert Marcus.  It is centered around three former boxing champions: Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson.  The film shows how their past, both before boxing & their time in the sport, shaped their present.  I’m not a “deep thinker” so my reviews tend to be simple and not overly scrutinizing.  Here’s what I think of this documentary.

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Saturday Fights

Podcast IconAndrew goes over the latest episode of PBC on NBC…and the rest that wasn’t quite ready for network television apparently.  Did Robert Guerrero come back too soon or does he simply need something else?  Is it time for Vic Darchinyan to hang up the gloves for good? Does Jack Reiss need to go back to the basics?  Who is next for Miguel Cotto?  Listen to this podcast to find out.

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Interview: “Ice Man” John Scully (Part Two)

InterviewIce, Ice, Baby…In the second part of this exclusive interview with “Iceman” John Scully we side-stepped the boxing ring and entered into a versatile corner of John’s personal life.  Being able to relate to a favorite boxer is a big part of fan appreciation. That is why I always try to choose the type of questions that will allow a fighter to expose his human side to all those who read about him.

By venturing to ask a variety of questions: some trademark questions, a few quickies and a new twist on the original word association technique. I’m positive the his responses will give all of us a glimpse into another piece of the puzzle that makes Ice so uniquely special.  Let’s explore what really makes Iceman John Scully tick:

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