10 Tips for Boxing Beginners

Thinking of diving deeper into the world of boxing? Good idea! Cause you will not only learn self-defense, become more confident, but also will be in a perfect shape and look fit for many years. Boxing is also one of the most popular sports in betting industry as you may know from William Hill review. And taking into consideration the wide popularity of the sport all over the world, you can really make some money on it. But let’s check some tips and tricks for beginning as you delve into background of boxing.


  1. Keep Water by Your Side


As known, usually you may burn between 400 and 700 calories during a half hour sparring session. It is obvious that you will sweat a lot. That’s where being well hydrated between rounds will help you immensely to continue and ensure that you are able with your workout.


  1. Bring the Right Clothes


First of all, remember that you shouldn’t wear your boxing trainers outside of the gym. It should be dry and clean on the ring where you train. You may wear the typical clothes as for any other workout. But shorts and t-shirt are the best idea to start.


  1. Gloves and Wraps Weigh


It’s clear that boxing gloves and hand wraps are very important in boxing. For beginners, 16 oz. gloves will fit perfect. These are the standard weight of gloves that you use. Get them to try how you feel and if they are comfortable. For hand wraps you will need the 180″ size. They are available in smaller lengths, while the safest go with 180″. Don’t forget about saving your teeth and get the mouth guard. The items like chest protectors and headgear can be bought later or borrowed from the gym staff.


  1. Make Sure you Wrap Your Hands Correctly

Of course you don’t want your wrists be sprained and your hands broken from a rummy wrap. There are a lot of tutorials to check it out, like on mmaonline.ru and coaches always pay special attention to proper wrapping of boxers’ hands.


  1. Cardio is Important


Cardio in boxing is a great way for improving your fighting endurance. Warm up properly before you actually begin sparring. Begin with jogging and doing stretching to improve your breathing and assure you can keep going into the later rounds.


  1. Mind Your Breathing


Breathing in boxing is very important. And to breathe correctly is essential. Make sure you know the correct technique of breathing: while throwing a punch, breathe out through your nose and mouth. This is how you will expel the air from your lungs. And breathe in with your diaphragm when you receive hit.


  1. Good Footwork

Boxing is mistakenly thought as only standing stationary and throwing punches. And you might probably know that It’s also a chess match and here the competitors change moves, levels, speeds frequently to land and avoid blows. To be able do this you will need to master footwork exercises. If you want to move fast and punch simultaneously do jumping rope and circling cones.


  1. Know How to Deal with Heavy Bag


Working on the heavy bags is one more important issue in boxing sport. You may also need it when there is no partner to spar for you. Or you just want to practice your combinations on the heavy bags. Here you should keep your form as tight as you can and do not throw the punches as hard as possible.


  1. Practice and Improve Your Technique


There is one important thing you should remember. If your technique is poor, the muscles and speed will never help you. Practice to roll your shoulders at the moment of throwing a jab and twist your hips while throwing a hook. Listen to your coach, as he sees you from the side and knows better your the drawbacks of your technique.


  1. Patient Boxer is a Safe Boxer


At the moment when you feel uncomfortable, inform your sparring partner and coach about it. Because keeping silent will not lead you to the good. There should be a reasonable pace at the sparring session. During it you learn, remember it and avoid overtraining and traumas. Wear headgear and mouth guard, relax and practice your boxing.

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