4 Boxing Locks to Bet on this Summer

Betting on boxing could get a lot more exciting this summer, as some big bouts hit the ring in May and trickle into some huge fights in June and July.

Well, that’s regarding the star power in the fights, at least. The fights themselves may not exceed expectations.

Some fights aren’t even a lock to happen, but if you’re looking for great boxing bets and want to make cash betting on which fighters will win, sometimes it pays to think ahead.

That could be the play here, as there are already some interesting bouts listed that could provide easy money. The question is just how much bettors are willing to lay in order to secure a guaranteed winner.

Here are a few spots where the moneyline isn’t very enticing, but the winner feels like a borderline lock:

Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale

The most time sensitive bout on the docket goes down between the unbeaten Wilder (40-0-1), who has a ridiculous 39 knockouts to his name. His lone blemish is a draw against the equally menacing Tyson Fury – a result few will truly give him heat for.

Breazeale seems to think Wilder is overrated, though. The 33-year old went seven strong rounds with Anthony Joshua and that’s still his one and only defeat (20-1). He also has the power to take anyone out at any time (18 KOs) and has gone on record as saying he will “retire” Wilder.

I’m not at all sold.

Breazeale is talented and has solid defense, but Wilder is going to be as focused as ever. He’s a massive favorite, largely because he’s the better fighter, but also because he badly needs to win here to get to a showdown with Joshua.

This bout probably comes down to power and Wilder has the edge. He’s a huge favorite and you’ll need to bet a ton of money to garner much profit, but it could be a wager worth your time.

Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.

This is being solid as a slightly underrated fight and that Ruiz could pull off a huge upset. Ruiz (32-1) is certainly a good fighter and has said he’ll “make history for Mexico” with a massive upset and most boxing fans wouldn’t mind seeing something crazy like that happening.

I’m just not sure I’d bet on it.

Joshua has simply been the more dominant fighter. He has a little less experience, but 21 of 22 wins have come with his opponent being forced from the match by KO or TKO. He’s a lot to deal with, holds four different world titles and has the edge from a height/reach perspective.

Joshua’s resume is much better on paper, with wins over Wladimir Klitschko, Joseph Parker and Alexander Povetkin recently.

This has to show us more than anything else that Joshua isn’t just a power hitter who has been fortunate. He’s an elite boxer who can wear his opponents down and escape some nasty licks from some of the toughest heavyweights in the sport.

Ruiz could pay off as a random underdog play if he gets one clean shot in, but Joshua has proven over time that it’s going to take something special to take him down. I’m not sure Ruiz is a realistic candidate to get the job done, which should play into the massive favorite being a really safe bet when the two bump gloves on June 1st.

Tyson Fury vs. Tom Schwarz

I touched on Tyson Fury earlier and will obviously dive into him a bit more now as he prepares to battle Tom Schwartz. Some view this fight as a risk for Fury, who arguably proved his worth in a draw against Deontay Wilder – a result many felt should have been a victory for Fury.

Maybe so, but here Fury takes on an undefeated challenger in hopes of beefing his value back up. I don’t think it ever went away, but another big win here against a viable foe would suggest he’s very much in the mix for bigger and better things.

Schwarz is undefeated and a fine enough fighter, but he loses the size battle and may not have the stuff to take on the likes of Fury. After proving how good he can be in that Wilder bout, only good things are coming Fury’s way.

I don’t anticipate he gets upset by an inferior fighter this quickly, which naturally makes him a terrific bet in terms of safety.

Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

Last, but certainly not least, is a bit of a warm-up fight for GGG as he sets his sights on a massive rematch with Canelo Alvarez in the not too distant future.

Before that happens, though, he’ll be testing himself against the undefeated Rolls, who clearly will hope he converts on an amazing chance to leap up a few levels in the boxing scene.

That’s unlikely to happen here. GGG may be getting up there in age, but he’s so immensely talented and his lone defeat came by the hands of the equally elite Canelo Alvarez. That’s not really a loss to hang your head over, especially since it was so close and didn’t result in a KO of any kind.

GGG is gearing up for a much bigger fight down the road and he’s the superior fighter here in virtually every regard. He has the experience edge, his resume is better, he packs more power in his punches and this guy simply cannot be knocked out.

That’s obviously something that is true until it’s not, but like most elite championship fighters, it takes something truly special to take them down. That’s why these guys are such massive favorites; they basically need to be KO’d to lose.

I don’t see that happening here, as Rolls doesn’t have a staggering KO ratio thus far in his career to really scare you. That, and he just hasn’t faced anyone close to GGG’s talent level.

Rolls is probably a little better than anyone will end up giving him credit for, but he’s overmatched here. This is a tune-up fight for GGG and his camp and while the upside is non-existent for bettors, it’s probably as close to a lock for anyone betting on boxing matches this summer.

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