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CMstareDownWell, here we are again, a new 24/7 where once again, we see Floyd Mayweather reminding us that…oh yeah, he’s not in this one.  So, it’ll probably be full of Manny Pacquiao and what do you know, his camp is once again in disarray just before…wait, he’s not in this one either.  Wow, this might be enjoyable to audiences after all. Well, unless you hate reading subtitles.

  • Yes, a fight not featuring Mayweather or Pacquiao but equally deserving of the build up that either would get for one of their fights. Here we see middleweight kingpin Sergio Martinez (49-2-2, 27KOs) putting his supremacy on the line against undefeated WBC middleweight belt-holder Julio Caesar Chavez Jr (46-0-1, 32KOs). So let’s not waste any time and dive right into this…metaphorically speaking.


  • Wait, why is this called “Chavez Jr-Martinez: 24/7”. His last name is just Chavez, not Chavez Jr. You don’t look at his father and say, “Oh, are you Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. Sr?

  • For that matter, why isn’t it called “Martinez-Chavez”? After all, Sergio’s the recognized champion.

  • “I have the same right as anyone to make history.” He makes a good point. I wouldn’t want to be in Julio’s shoes.

  • Look, I’m going to be honest, but sometimes I look at Sergio Martinez and say, “This guy is 37?” I hope I look that good when I’m 37.

  • Eegh, the Paul Williams KO is always hard to watch.

  • “Junior hasn’t fought anyone who even ranks in the top hundred pound for pound. That bothers me.” I know Ring Magazine does a top 100 pound-for-pound every year but does anyone know if Zbik and Lee were on the list? Anyone…anyone…?

  • Martinez has a nice looking house. So that’s how the middleweight champion of the world lives…

  • It surprises me that he started boxing when he was 20 years old. Very rare for a boxer to start that late in age and be successful as he is at the pro level.

  • For the record I was 19 when I started training but I had no aspirations to be one of the top three boxers in the world.

  • I wonder how often people move to Spain to work illegally. Heck, how bad is illegal immigration in Spain?

  • I’d love to know how old that black and white picture is of Martinez because the dude looks exactly the same right now.

  • What’s with Chavez moving all the furniture in his apartment just to do a workout? Can’t he go in the backyard and do that?

  • Not sure if those of you who are reading this follow me on Twitter but I’ve said it there and I’ll say it again: I think Julio Caesar Chavez Sr. is overrated.


  • Kinda weird to see Chavez Sr. smoking. I never understood cigarettes and their appeal to people.

  • That’s pretty harsh, to say you regret being someone’s father, just because they’re trying to get you help.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t care who your father was, how good he was, I would never recommend that someone turn pro with no amateur experience.
  • I remember seeing Julio Jr. on the back of a box for Everlast boxing gloves and thinking, “Come on, you’re only on here because of who your father is.”

  • It sounds almost like Chavez Jr. is fighting just to keep his father’s legend alive.

  • I’m sorry…why are we looking at airplanes only to transition to Martinez riding his bike? Yeah…planes go fast and Sergio goes fast on his bike…so what? It’s like showing a bunch of shots of a fireplace and then we cut to Sergio making scrambled eggs for breakfast.

  • Now I’m curious how many boxers use bike riding as part of their fitness regimen?

  • Now we’re watching Sergio do paddle boarding. Surprised that a 37 year old man doesn’t know how to swim. At least he has the life jacket on.

  • “We need to stay on the land, the fish in the water, the birds in the sky and that’s it. Why do we invent these things, why are there boats?” Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t tell if he’s joking or not. You know, Sergio, if we didn’t have boats (or airplanes for that matter since only birds belong in the sky), how would you have gotten to Spain?

  • Ah, and now we get to last week’s issue over the vandalism and threats made against him. Shame really. Expect for us to be introduced to the head of security next week.

  • Martinez says that he can’t blame this on any boxer or promoter but he probably also wants to say that nothing like this happened before any of his previous bouts either.

  • “Human stupidity is immense and it’s infinite.” Ah, it seems that Sergio’s been watching MTV.

  • There’s a shot of Sergio walking past a woman and her child. I wonder if any of them know who he is and if one day they’ll say, “The middleweight champion lived in the same neighbourhood as us.”

  • “This is something that has made me stronger.” I have a feeling that when Sergio lands his first punch in the fight he’ll be thinking, “That’s for egging my front door!”

  • If anyone ever called me at 2am and told me to come train them, the first thing we’d start with is a ten mile run because that’s how I’m willing to run to kick your butt for waking me up at 2am when you could have trained later in the day!

  • “It bugs me a little but uh…you know overall…it’s OK.” Come on, tell us how you really feel, Freddie.

  • Is Manny Pacquiao the only boxer who is consistent with Alex Ariza?

  • “Well, I’ve been working while he’s been talking.” What? Wasn’t it last week that I read Julio missed four days in the gym just because he didn’t feel like training?

  • Sorry but the more I see boxers train, the more I wish I had my heavy bag from Ontario here in Calgary. God, I miss training…

  • Ah, the Pavlik fight. First time I ever looked at fight, predicted how it would go, and that’s almost exactly what happened. I’m not kidding either, I said that Martinez would be down once but come back to put the pressure on Pavlik and he did.

  • I really hate when people describe the first fight Sergio had with Paul Williams as “controversial”. I remember so many people having it both ways (Williams had it; Martinez pulled it off) and only because of ONE judge’s scorecard was there any controversy. I remember Lou DiBella being upset about that but he said that if they had lost by one point, it wouldn’t have been controversial. It wasn’t a robbery, it was incompetence on the part of one judge who shouldn’t judge again. It was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen and one of the reasons I have respect for Paul Williams.

  • “Those fights earned Martinez fighter of the year honours.” And I have a feeling that if he wins this bout that he’ll get that title again.

  • OK, what’s with Gaby’s “wearing sunglasses inside” routine? Granted, I never have a problem when I’m doing it but still…what the heck?

  • And now we meet Frida, Julio’s girlfriend. Nice looking girl.

  • Sorry to go off topic but why doesn’t Sergio have a girlfriend? Without sounding…suspicious, I think he’s probably the best looking fighter since De la Hoya. And women went nuts for him when he was in his prime.

  • I never understood why Andy Lee decided to stand and trade with Chavez? How do fighters let themselves get baited like that?


  • Nice of Roach to not underestimate Sergio Martinez. Just because you beat one southpaw doesn’t mean you beat all southpaws.

  • “You’re never going to be famous! Never!” At first, I thought this was someone shouting this at Julio to joke around but also motivate him, but it’s actually him speaking to Martinez. Dude, he’s already famous, sorry to say.

  • “Have some respect for your sport.” Julio, refresh my memory…who missed four days of training because he didn’t feel like it and admitted to having to lose 16 pounds the day before a fight?

  • And like that, the episode ends. Abruptly, I’ll admit but to be honest, better than the lame montage that’s become a staple of most 24/7 episode endings. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait for the next one.

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