A Coach’s Peeve

crosspadsBoxing coaches have this talk among each other quite often. It’s usually gets brought up when they have a gifted boxer in their gym. Sometimes it when they see potential in a fighter. The problem that gets under a coach’s skin is a fighter who does not listen to their instructions.

Talent can only get a boxer so far in the sport. When a boxer does not follow their coach’s advice and directions, things can get very difficult. So often a fight could be won without much difficulty if the game plan (that the coach has designed) was put in effect. Often a boxer just has to use his reach, box from the outside, but instead he chooses to slug when the coach says not to. Maybe a fighter runs out of steam after the second round of a fight, because he doesn’t follow his coach’s orders to do road/track work 4 days a week.

Fighters like Marco Antonio Barrera, Manny Pacquiao, and Juan Manuel Marquez have great attributes, have made it very far in their careers, but if they didn’t listen to their coach’s instructions, they would never have won their biggest fights. LISTEN and FOLLOW your coach’s instructions.

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Justin M. Salvato
Justin M. Salvato is the creator & owner of BOXING 4 FREE. He's a former amateur boxer, former USA Boxing coach, and former boxing fitness instructor. These days he enjoys vintage computing, retro video games, and talking tech. He also writes a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer and some other retro stuff .

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