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AllFloydSML“It’s a mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!” – Joe Pesci in “JFK”

 “They have the ability to analyze and adapt.” – Commander Riker regarding the Borg from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

I was taking quick notes between rounds and it was after the fifth round that I wrote those words.  I would write them several more times as the fight went on after each round because what else could I say that no one else was saying?  It was too much speed, too many right hands, too much footwork…too much Floyd being Floyd.

I’m still trying to collect my thoughts as best I can while going over the notes I took but the best thing I can say is that it was as flawless a performance as one could ask for.

As we take our first step into the final chapters of Floyd Mayweather’s historic career, this performance will go down as one of his finest from a technical standpoint but at the same time it’s not a fight you’ll look up on YouTube to watch over and over.

Robert Guerrero to his credit was able to hang in there when at times I thought he wouldn’t last much longer, particularly in the eighth round where Floyd landed a big right hand that seemed to hurt him.

Nothing Guerrero did seemed to hurt, much less bother Floyd.  While I did give him the second round and there were moments in some rounds where he had good moments, Floyd was just having better moments and with much greater frequency.  While I might be a bit of a novice judge, I actually scored round 8 as a 10-8 round for Floyd because I can’t remember Guerrero doing anything except taking punches. How he was able to stay standing is a credit to his chin and his heart.

My scorecard read 119-108 for Floyd Mayweather while all three ringside judges scored it 117-111, which was surprisingly enough my exact prediction for how this fight would go.  So perhaps I’ve broken my streak of inaccurate predictions.

What’s next for Floyd?  Well he did admit that he injured his right hand during the fight (you wouldn’t be able to tell given the way he was able to land it so cleanly and so often) that a fight with Canelo Alvarez suddenly has a question mark over it instead of an exclamation point.  However he does plan to fight again this year and while they may not be the most entertaining and able to keep new viewers coming back, any time that Floyd Mayweather fights is a good thing for boxing.

The bigger question I think is that despite not having the busiest schedules in the sport and being in his mid-to-late thirties, Floyd doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and makes me wonder if there is anyone out there above 154 pounds who can really pose a threat to his supremacy?  That’s the biggest question and right now there doesn’t seem to be an answer, much less any hints to make future opponents feel like they have a chance.

Really digging the goatee too. He sorta looks like Mini-Marvin Hagler.

At the end of the fight, I had downed a pint ate some good food and watched the most anticipated fight of the year for just a little over one dollar.  I must thank my boss for the gift card she gave me last Christmas.

I didn’t get to see all of the under-card but from what I did see, Abner Mares is well on his way to becoming a star in this sport. The stoppage against Daniel Ponce de Leon was a bit premature as Ponce de Leon was still throwing punches back but at the same time, continuing the fight would have just been delaying the inevitable.

Just when it looked like Daniel was going to start getting into the fight, Mares had an answer and big ones too particularly when he knocked him too. A possible showdown between Mares and Nonito Donaire would still be exciting to watch even though the luster of it may not be as big as it was a few years ago.

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