Alvarez / Lara post fight report

CommentaryIconIt was the fight I had wanted for almost two years. It was the setting I had wanted for almost two years. The fight went how I thought it would for almost two years.

The decision was not what I had wanted for two years.


I could accept it if it was a knockout loss or if I had scored the fight for Canelo Alvarez, but no matter how many times I went over it in my head while on the train and the bus back to my apartment, I still couldn’t see how you couldn’t score that fight for Erislandy Lara.  He was landing better shots to the head, making Canelo miss big shots and after every round you could see this frustration on the Mexican superstar’s face.  It was like he was thinking, “This ISN’T how it’s supposed to happen!”

Lara’s face was the look of someone who said, “That’s another round in the books.”

I will give Canelo Alvarez credit for accepting the fight when he didn’t have to and when people around him were telling him not to, but in my heart of hearts, I don’t think he believes he won the fight.  When Lara raised his hands at the end of the fight, his body language said, “I have realized my dream.”


Canelo’s slow raise of his hands told you all you needed to know.  He had a face like he was watching everything he loved being slowly taken away from him.  I have no idea how Levi Martinez could score that fight 117-111 for Canelo Alvarez unless he was trying to show C.J. Ross that he can come up with bad scores as well…

There’s not much that I can say about this fight that won’t be drowned out by fans of Canelo.  Oscar de la Hoya is going to keep parading him around so long as it keeps him on the wagon and if Canelo keeps taking on the big names in the division then all the credit in the world to him.


As for Erislandy Lara, I feel bad for him.  I thought he won the fight as did Steve Farhood at Showtime.  I heard someone say via Twitter that the judges were looking for Lara to “beat” Canelo, not outbox him to get the victory.  That seems a bit absurd and unfair if you ask me.  He had Canelo missing shots, kept popping him in the face with shots that would upset his rhythm and caused the young man to land less than 100 punches in a 12 round fight.

I’m not sure what’s next for him.  He said that he wants a rematch, but no way does that ever happen in my humble opinion.  He might call himself “The American Dream“, but once again Erislandy Lara learned a truth that stretches throughout all nations: Life isn’t fair.

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