Andre Ward… MAN UP!

Andre Ward is one of the best fighters in boxing today.  There is no argument.  He beat some of the best super-middleweights out there including Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch and Chad Dawson.  Is he the best out there now?  I might have said yes had he not gone up to light heavyweight.  In his second fight at that weight, he fought heavy hitter Sergey Kovalev.  He won a decision that many felt should have been a draw.  In other words, he won but didn’t beat Kovalev.  What I want is someone with (fictional) Apollo Creed’s attitude… “Man I won but I didn’t beat him!”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ward says he’s content with the win and is considering retirement.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve had a lot of fights in my career but this is probably the proudest I’ve been of myself based on how the fight went and having to just show the world, show myself, show my team that I can win a different way,” Ward says. “I’ve never had to come from behind and it wasn’t against a B-class, C-class fighter. It was against who many said was the best light heavyweight, if not the best fighter in the world. I’m happy about the performance.”

No Andre, no.  You want to get out before having to face the idea of going back into the ring with a man who will not make the same mistake twice.  Sergey Kovalev knows he should have been more aggressive and had he been, Andre Ward may not have recovered from the knockdown he suffered in round two.

I know it seems like I’m being hard on a guy who has had an impressive career and I should consider that he has had plenty of injuries that kept him from fighting more often, but to retire with a gift decision…  I expect more from this gold medalist, from a fighter.

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