Andre Ward: Where do we go from here

AndreWardWhereDoWeGoWinter sucks.  Especially in Calgary. Normally I can maintain good health but when co-workers want to pretend that their winter cold is just a tickle in their throat while they cough up a lung, there’s a good chance that I’m going to catch it.  To make matters worse, my immune system decide to throw in a side order of laryngitis.

Instead of listening to me go over last week’s 24/7 regarding Pacquiao & Rios, you have to read this blog about Andre Ward while I spend the rest of the day overdosing on chicken soup and cough syrup.

If I’m right, Ward has won his match with Edwin Rodriguez and retained his Super-Middleweight title.  After fourteen months of inactivity, after his last dominating performance over Chad Dawson, hopefully S.O.G. has displayed some of that hard hitting power that fans felt was missing from his run in the Super Six tournament.

Ward is twenty-nine years old with less than thirty fights under his belt but let’s not act like most of the names on his resume don’t carry a lot of weight: Miranda, Kessler, Green, Bika, Abraham, Froch and Chad Dawson. It really is impressive and let’s not forget that has been over the course of the last four years.

So where does he go from here?  The path that makes the most sense right now is a rematch with Carl Froch.  The Nottingham boxer has always insisted that he just had an off night against Ward and would be able to even up the score between them should they fight in England.  Froch first has to get past up & coming George Groves, but should he do that, I think that he and Ward should both sit down at the negotiating table and try to set something up for early 2014.

But let’s say that Froch loses or Ward doesn’t want to entertain someone who constantly shows him disrespect, where to then? Well I hate to sound pessimistic but the Super-Middleweight division doesn’t look as exciting as it did a few years ago.  I doubt Groves would pose much of a challenge to Ward and there aren’t a lot of names in the division that bring a lot to the table.

So how about a move up in weight?  It would be the next-best alternative.  Adonis Stevenson from Montreal has expressed interest in fighting Ward and considering both fighters are under the HBO umbrella, it would be a lot easier to get done than a Stevenson vs Bernard Hopkins match-up.  And let’s not forget that Stevenson is the legitimate Light-Heavyweight champion of the world. Facing the former/current Super-Middleweight champion would be a big money fight in Montreal though not as big as Stevenson fighting the winner of Jean Pascal vs Lucien Bute, but the potential is there.

Regardless of what Ward does, he must do it quickly. He lost a lot of momentum after the Dawson fight due to inactivity but it would be wrong to blame him for it.  After all, I doubt he meant to injure his shoulder (Something which has been bothering him for the past ten years which he just got fixed) which delayed a fight with Kelly Pavlik.  It also wasn’t Ward’s fault that Pavlik decided to later retire which scrapped any plans of a match between the two of them while he searched for someone who would want to step up.

Like I said, if I’m right, Andre Ward once again gotten the victory and the world is his oyster.  But if he should remain inactive for more than six months (Or if he’s lost), that oyster can quickly change into a rancid scallop.

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