Battle of the Belly

CommentaryIconAll of my life I’ve been a skinny guy.  And with obesity rates among preschoolers rising (OK, that might be stretching it but chances are I’m not too far off) and all the fatty foods out there, I’ve still managed to keep my weight consistent.

It’s too bad that a lot of fighters can’t do the same thing.  While I sit here with Pizza Hut arriving shortly, beer chilling in the fridge and a few cartons of ice cream in the freezer, I thought I’d decide to put together a list of fighters who stick out in my mind as having a lot of trouble getting into fighting shape and how it has cost them at times.

1) Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe
BoweSmWith a name like “Big Daddy” are you surprised that he’s not on this list?  Riddick himself freely admitted that if he saw a piece of cake beckoning him over, he would go over and eat it.

The gorging and overeating came back to cost him his heavyweight title when he entered his rematch with Evander Holyfield 11lbs heavier than he did in his first fight.  His body looked softer all over, almost like he had not trained properly out of arrogance.

When he stepped into the ring with Andrew Golota in 1996 he weighed in at 252 pounds, asking “Why do I have to train so hard to fight a bum?”  After being out-boxed for several rounds and continuously punched in the testicles, Bowe had his answer.

Had Riddick Bowe disciplined himself a lot more, looked forward to the sweetness of victory instead of cookies and cake, I think he could have become a truly great heavyweight champion.

2) Brandon Rios
RiosSMRios was on quite the streak in 2011, but while he did maintain his undefeated record, he took some hits for his professionalism when he came in overweight on the scales for a title defense against John Murray.  After being stripped of his title right then and there, you’d think that Rios would learn to maybe work on his diet or move out of his weight class.

Sadly this wasn’t the case as his next fight with Richard Abril hurt him as he once against came overweight (139 pounds for a 135 pound fight!) but also given the victory despite everyone at ringside scoring the fight for Abril.

Rios has done better with his weight in recent fights, now if only he would show more head movement.

3) Jose Luis Castillo
CastilloSMHoly crap was the first fight between Castillo and Diego Corrales awesome!  That’s a fight where if I decide to watch the last round I decide afterwards to start from the beginning and watch it all the way through.

So naturally a rematch occurred, but while controversy about Corrales and his mouthpiece took place after the first fight ended, controversy swarmed the rematch before the fight even started when Castillo weighed three and a half pounds heavier for their lightweight title fight-which quickly became a non-title fight.

A third fight was scheduled for 2006, but cancelled after Castillo stepped onto the scale even heavier than the last time and Corrales later sued Castillo for punitive damages.

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