Boxers of the past: Lew Jenkins

Lew SMjenkinsJenkins, from Texas, was a former Lightweight Champion of the World.  He grew up during one of the toughest eras the United States has ever seen, The Great Depression.  Lew got his start in boxing through conventional means: by fighting in carnivals.  And on a side note, served in both World War II and the Korean War.

He was quick to spend his money, loved the ladies and fast cars.  Basically sounded rather reckless, but I guess you gotta be when you’re fighting the likes of Lou Ambers, Henry Armstrong, Carmen Basilio and Fritzie Zivic.  All famous and talented fighters.

Read more about Lew Jenkins from the International Boxing Hall of Fame site.

To see Lew Jenkins record, visit Boxrec.

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