BOXING 4 FREE podcast will go on, but website will not.

The BOXING 4 FREE podcast will go on, but website will not. Before the end of this month, June 2019, the BOXING 4 FREE website at will be taken offline.

I’ve talked it over with my podcaster, Andrew Schweitzer, and determined that there is enough new content to justify keeping the site up. For years I tried to recruit writers and enthusiasts, tried to encourage fans to submit articles to the site, but it was in vain.

To be clear, BOXING 4 FREE is not going anywhere. The PODCAST will continue to be recorded and uploaded. You can count on Andrew to give his thoughts and commentary of the fight game. New episodes will be up on Podbean and continue to be submitted to iTunes, iHeartRadio, tunein and other podcast directories. We will also keep you posted about new episodes via our BOXING 4 FREE Twitter page and Facebook page.

And those video documentaries we’ve been doing? Yep, we will continue to do them and submit them to YouTube and Vimeo.

The site which started as a how-to boxing training site had a good run of nearly 15 years. It could come back at some later time if I ever find a consistent bunch of writers or a way to make it financially viable. It’s very unlikely, but the important thing is that the podcast and videos will continue to be made. Thank you for your continued support.

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Justin M. Salvato
Justin M. Salvato is the creator & owner of BOXING 4 FREE. He's a former amateur boxer, former USA Boxing coach, and former boxing fitness instructor. These days he enjoys vintage computing, retro video games, and talking tech. He also writes a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer and some other retro stuff .

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