Boxing and the Bedroom

DoNotDisturbTo abstain or not to abstain that is the question fighters concern themselves with when training for a fight, but most importantly the night before a big fight. I have never asked this question in an interview so any consensus is unknown. However, this has not
stopped my curiosity or research on the subject.

There are both pros and cons on the subject of intimacy the night before a big fight.  This can also bring into question self-gratification.  The two groups giving the most commentary on this subject are the boxing community and the scientists.

If you are a “Rocky” fan we all remember Mickey told Rocky, ” Women weaken legs” also later in the film Rocky tells Adrian,” Hey Adrian I’m serious now.  There’s no foolin’ around during training understand?  I wanna stay strong.”

I also found out that the great Muhammad Ali would not even consider s-e-x for six weeks prior to a fight.  Pac Man is another fighter who separates himself from his wife when he trains.  Many trainers also seem to advocate a no sex clause before a fight.  So, does that mean pre-fight nookie zaps your energy and therefore steals your strength?

Maybe, maybe not?

There are also many scientific articles that give the green light to s-e-x during training as well as the night before a fight.  Stating, that loss of strength or weak knees is just a myth. As a member of the boxing community, I will attempt to sort this out for my readers.

The Cons
Sex makes you weak the next day.
Sex distracts you and takes away your mental focus.
Sex decreases your competitive motivation.
Sex will hurt your performance.
Sexual frustration is good for aggression.

The Pros
Testosterone levels are higher after sex.
Sex relaxes a fighter so he gets a good night rest.
Sex releases tension and increases focus.
Sex is a safe form of exercise.
Sex gives a fighter confidence.

As you can see both sides concerning “adult time” come out about even. The scientists conclude there is no physical harm from s-e-x before a fight.  The boxing community believes sex before a fight is more a psychological issue.  If there is any solution, it stands with the fighters decision on how he will balance the pros and cons of this intimate question.   The bedroom is a very personal and private place.


“Sex and Sports” – Stefan Lovgren

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