Boxing Legends: Where are they now?

When retiring, boxers take many different routes in their personal lives. Some start successful businesses, endorse products and become ambassadors, whilst others prefer to stay in the sport, becoming analysts and commentators.


Here are five prominent boxers that have retired and what they’re doing now:


Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is often considered to be one of the greatest professional boxers of all time; ending his 20-year long career with a staggering 49-0 record. Mayweather was undefeated as a professional and a world champion in five different weight divisions.


Two years after his retirement there are now rumors that he wants to come out of retirement, but not for boxing. The boxing star wants to try his hand at MMA and go all-in with a fight against UFC champion Conor McGregor.


George Foreman


George Foreman is a well-known American retired professional boxer, starting his career in 1969 and retiring for the first time in 1977. After 10 years away from boxing, Foreman surprisingly announced a comeback at the age of 38. This comeback lasted from 1987 to 1997, with Foreman finally retiring with an impressive record of 76-5.


After his retirement, Foreman’s most notable venture is of course the George Foreman Grill. Salton, Inc. chose Foreman as the spokesperson for their fat-reducing grill, also allowing him to influence some of the designing of the grill. The George Foreman Grill has sold over 100 million units in just over 15 years.


However, Foreman wasn’t stopping there. In 2013 he launched a new boxing promotion business ‘Foreman Boys Promotions’ and has also recently launched an online butchers store named gfbutchershop.


Carl Froch


Carl Froch is a British boxer that debuted professionally in 2002. After 35 bouts Froch retired from boxing in 2015 with a record of 33-2. World Boxing News and BoxRec voted Froch ‘Fighter of the Year’ for 2012.


After retiring many boxers step away from the sport altogether, often preferring to focus on their own business ventures. Froch however is still very much a part of the boxing world, as an analyst and commentator for Sky Sports.

In 2015 Froch was also announced as a new ambassador for partypoker. When asked which boxers he would most like to play against he said, “I would choose people I wanted to meet and spend time with, a game of poker can take a long time so I’d like to play against boxers that I could have a good time with. Mike Tyson, Chris Eubank, Prince Naseem Hamed, Barry McGuigan, Evander Holyfield and Ricky Hatton.”



Lennox Lewis


Lennox Lewis is another British boxer, born in West Ham, London. Lewis competed as a professional boxer from 1989 to 2003, ending his distinguished career with a record of 41-2-1. Lewis remains the last undisputed heavyweight champion.


Currently living in Jamaica, Lewis pursued a number of different ventures after his boxing career. Lewis has made cameo appearances in music videos, appeared in the movie ‘Johnny Was’ and even played in the World Series of Poker two years in a row.


In 2008 Lewis was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and in 2009 he was also inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame for his achievements.


Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is arguably one of the most recognizable names in boxing, nicknamed ‘Iron Mike’. He debuted in 1985 fighting in a total of 58 bouts and retired in 2005 after 20 years in the sport with an impressive record of 50-6.


After his retirement from boxing, Tyson appeared in a number of acting roles for TV and film, often portraying himself. Tyson’s filmography includes titles such as Rocky Balboa, The Hangover, Scary Movie 5 and many more.


Recently, in January of 2017, Tyson launched a new YouTube channel, partnered with Shots Studios. Tyson’s channel predominately features parody music videos and comedy sketches.


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