Boxing, Love and Valentine’s Day

heartSMWhat does love got to do with boxing? Plenty if you’re a genuine boxing fan. While Valentine’s day is all about candy, cards and roses.  Love is about passion, dedication and loyalty.  Boxing encompasses the body, mind and soul. The people who truly have a passion for boxing; fighters, trainers and fans are not for a loss of words on what makes the sweet science their love story.

Here are some reasons fans love boxing:

“The sheer intelligence of the sport, the tactics and the heart to continue when you’re running out of gas.”

“Larger than life characters and well-trained bodies like David Lemieux.”

“Our focus is not spread thin watching entire teams play but on two fighters.”

“The bravery of these fighters is second to none.”

 “Boxing saves lives.”

“It’s the most democratic form of conflict resolution.”

“For the action, one on one combat. Nothing like it.” and

“The ability to see the unexpected.”


A side note, no true fan mentioned they love boxing because it’s violent.

A few words from boxing trainers: Iceman John Scully “I loved the fact that a very very
small percentage of the population of this earth is able to do what we as boxers are able to do. To get in the ring especially years after year and spar and train and fight with other people and to maintain the love for it and the discipline to do it to the best of your ability is really something special.  I love the fact that I was able to do something that a relative small percentage of the population was able to even attempt.  I also love the fact that even if they were to abolish boxing tomorrow and make it illegal I would still have friends of mine who would still meet me in a gym somewhere with gloves and headgear wanting to throw punches at each other just because it’s what we do.”

Doug Ward (Underground Boxing Company) “It’s one of the few places where TRUTH is clearly on display.  If a guy didn’t train and prepare himself properly, there’s no hiding it.  If the other guy did, then his excellence shows.  The boxing ring almost always exposes an individual athlete for exactly who he is, what he chooses and what kind of character he possesses.  It’s reality TV at its best.”

Boxing isn’t a glamor sport and you can’t candy-coat it.  The sport of boxing takes a lot of hard word, loyalty, bravery and passion to step into the ring.  But there is beauty also, a fighter’s every movement is a form of art.  The grace, flexibility and discipline that is why I remain a boxing fan.

Love is beauty and boxing is love.

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Judi Abate - "Boxing Diva"
Judi Abate, the "Boxing Diva", has been interviewing the fighting community since 2007. Her trademark questions are sassy and unpredictable. She has contributed work to Diamond Boxing, Boxing Rant, and WBAN. Away from the PC she enjoys reading, shopping and painting. Her dream interview is Oscar De La Hoya.

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