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ChampsThumbChamps is a documentary by writer – director Bert Marcus.  It is centered around three former boxing champions: Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson.  The film shows how their past, both before boxing & their time in the sport, shaped their present.  I’m not a “deep thinker” so my reviews tend to be simple and not overly scrutinizing.  Here’s what I think of this documentary.

The documentary starts off by discussing poverty in the United States.  A problem that is very widespread and seems to be getting worse.  The director goes over some history of poverty (as well as its effect on families) and the sport of boxing; many boxers found boxing as a way out of that lifestyle.  Tyson, Hopkins, and Holyfield discuss how they got into the sport, the rise to champion status and what happened to them when they retired.

A few well-known actors like Denzel Washington give their insight & opinions about the sport and these three champions.  Several boxing personalities are also interviewed for the film.  You’ll see former fighter Micky Ward, commentator Al Bernstein and promoter Lou Dibella. I appreciate that they included him, because Lou always gives an honest assessment of the business of boxing and the corruption that is sometimes roaring within it.

Throughout the film, the boxers talk about one another with much admiration.  It’s nice to see.  Not sure if I could let go of the anger of having my ear bitten off, but if Tyson could get over Holyfield using his head as a jab, then perhaps I too could call it even.

The quality of the film is excellent. By quality, I mean the historical reenactments, the gathering of classic boxing footage & photos, and the editing of this film.

I would rate this film an 8 out if 10.  You can currently catch it in Netflix and it is available on Amazon Instant Video.

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