Boxing scene by painter Mark Sieber.

Boxing doesn’t feel as big or significant as it did before the 1990s hit.  We can debate whether boxing is still as popular, but there’s no denying that it doesn’t get the press coverage that it did back in the 1980s and earlier.  There are still pop culture references to boxing, but it is almost always about fighters of the past.   Then I receive a gift via Facebook that reminds me that boxing is in fact, NOT dead.

Mark Sieber is a work-out enthusiast and boxing fan.  Mark is also a painter.  He works on commission, sells art.  You give him a project, he’ll get to work on it.  Earlier today he sent me a photo of his latest painting.  It is a boxing scene, but not just any scene, it’s a scene from the end of one of my Golden Gloves fights from 2003.  The scene depicts me fighting backwards while my opponent tries to bull me into the corner.  A couple of seconds later, he goes down from the body-shot.  He even captured my Adidas boxing shoes!  I am so pleased at what I’m seeing that I have to show it off.

Mark Sieber boxing painting.

The fight that Mark is referencing is this one:

You can find more of Mark Sieber’s work on his Facebook page:  SieberDesigns Paintings

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