BOXING: The benefits of explosive weight training

Not everyone will agree that training with weights gives you an advantage in boxing. However, there are several kinds of work-outs in the world of ‘pumping iron’.

The purpose of bodybuilders, for example, is to gain huge muscles (hypertrophy).  But resistance exercises as part of a boxing training are most of the time condemned.

Training with weights is slowly integrating into the boxer’s training schedules.  Especially explosive power training.  As you know, speed is an essential aspect in boxing.  Sped up by twisting your shoulders, hips (core), knees and ankles, the impact of the punch will be more effective than a punch out of a static posture.

Instead of isolated muscle training (bodybuilding), explosive training activates a chain of muscles in one rep.  Besides stronger muscles, stimulates the inter-muscular communication, coordination and  number of motor units.  The more motor units you can equally generate, the more explosive power you have!

Essential in explosive weight training is the performance.  Push out movements as fast as possible, decline slowly!  Choose a weight that’s suitable for 5 – 7 reps maximum.

MusclesIn boxing, the main muscles used are the pecs, abdominals, obliques, lats, traps, triceps and the muscles of the legs (quadriceps / calves) and shoulders.


*Start with an efficient and firm warming-up;
*Perform the 1st set easy and carefully let your body get used to this way of exercising!
*Push out > breathe out (strong through the mouth) – decline > breathe in (nose);
*Explosive power-training is very demanding for your body.  Once,  twice (max) a week is enough!
*Try kettle-bells instead of dumbbells;
*Doubts?  Let it be or ask an experienced person.

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Geert Gielissen
Boxing is my passion, of course. Since 1978, I work for a foundation where (most of the time) adolescents and young adults with social / mental problems are supported in developing social and occupational skills. My job is coaching sports (fitness, cardio, personal training and boxing {of course again}). Boxing is very popular not just for the physical, but also for the mental benefits. That's what I do and I love it! My diplomas are from / /

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