Boxing themed casino games

Fighting sports, such as boxing, are enjoyed by people around the world. In between these competitions it is possible to keep alive all the excitement associated with this sport by seeking out fight related casino games at online casinos. Take for instance the classic slot machine Rocky. Centered on the character from the boxing movie, Rocky provides many ways for fighting fans to continue their fan while being provided with opportunities to win money.The Rocky slot machine is a five reeled machine. On these reels, are 25 different paylines which may or may not all be activated by players. Players may opt to activate only one payline, as many as 25 or a number somewhere in between. The symbols of this game all come from the movie, as one would expect. For instance, some of the symbols are the different rivals Rocky competed against throughout his boxing career. These would include opponents such as Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed. Two other important people to Rocky, his wife and son, are also characters on the reels. Each letter of Rocky’s name has also been made into a symbol. This provides an additional opportunity to win. If these five letter appear anywhere on the reels, then the player will receive a payout of five times their original wager.As with most slot machines in, Rocky does come with a bonus feature. Players can get to this bonus round in regular play or while in a free spin bonus feature. Known as the knockout bonus, it occurs when a white boxing glove card appears on reel 1 and a red boxing glove is revealed on reel 5. When the bonus begins, players are asked to select between 3 different boxing opponents. Once this is done, a 10 round boxing fight will commence. Each time Rocky wins one of these rounds, a cash bonus is added to the player’s winnings.

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