Canelo vs. Chavez post fight analysis

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post fight blog and now that I’m back in my apartment after a long walk, I’ve had time to gather my thoughts and try to express how I felt about this evening’s fights. Let’s take a look at the fights I covered from start to finish on the undercard.


Matthysse vs Taylor


After 19 months of inactivity following a surprise knockout loss, some wondered how much damage had been done to Lucas Matthysse, the man they call ‘The Machine’. The test was to be young Emmanuel Taylor, a man they call ‘The Transformer’.


Five rounds & two knockdowns later it was clear that the Machine was back in fighting form. He looked very good against Taylor and his new partnership with trainer Joel Diaz might be what he needs to breathe new life into his career.


At this point do I see him beating the top welterweights in the division? Not quite but I do think he could make some very interesting and exciting matchups as well.

I just hope it isn’t another 19 months before we see him back in the ring.


Lemieux vs Reyes


After producing the early front-runner for Knockout of the Year against Curtis Stevens last March, not many people saw this fight going the distance.


And yet after a certain point, people in the bar, myself included, were watching the fight and wondering, “How is Reyes still standing?”


He was taking some hard flush shots and you could tell how badly they were affecting him based on how quickly and how hard he would clinch Lemieux afterwards. The cut above his right eye spewed blood all throughout the bout but never became a major issue where the doctor had to get involved.


In fact despite that cut & the punishment he took, I think Reyes did better in this fight than the score cards from the three judges who awarded Lemieux the one-sided victory might have indicated. There were times where he was gamely fighting back, snapping Lemieux’s head with jabs and it made me wonder if Lemieux was running out of gas. And too often he looked wild and lunging with his punches, missing in amateurish form.


Lemiuex is a very entertaining fighter to watch but unless he works on the fundamentals and improves the obvious flaws in his game, I don’t see him beating any of the elite fighters at middleweight or super-middleweight.


Canelo vs Chavez


What was supposed to be a great night for Mexican boxing turned out to be a great night for one Mexican boxer. But it also lead to something much bigger & exciting on the horizon.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. had a lot of advantages coming into this fight.


He was bigger.


He was taller.


He had longer arms.


His father is a historical figure in boxing history.


The only advantage that Canelo Alvarez had coming into this fight is that he is an all around better fighter.


I have been critical of Canelo in the past on many occasions but you should note that none of those criticisms have much to do with how he conducts himself inside the ring. That is because it is hard to find flaws with his craft. Perhaps the only one I can think of is that he didn’t try hard to stop Chavez and that quality of mercy might only be out of respect for Julio Sr.


After four one sided rounds, Julio had to have realized that he had no chance.


He had no hope.


He had to have seen it because I’m sitting in a bar thousands of miles away in a different country and I can see it.


Due to the noise level at the bar I couldn’t hear much of what was being said on the TV but if Julio’s plan was just to catch Canelo with a lucky shot, that plan can only work if Julio throws punches, something he didn’t do enough of throughout the entire fight.

After 12 one-sided and humiliating rounds, the only way salvage the night was to make a big announcement about an upcoming super-fight.


Lo and behold, on the big screens above the ring did the face of Gennady Golovkin appear and for one moment it seemed like every boxing fan stopped what they were doing and took in what was happening before their very eyes.


It was announced that on September 16, Canelo Alvarez will face Golovkin for the middleweight championship of the world. It seemed that all the excitement and anticipation that had gone into Canelo/Chavez had been transferred this upcoming bout and hit with a bolt of lightning to electrify it. The whole thing with the promotional video, Golovkin & Canelo facing off in the ring seemed like something out of the WWE and personally, I loved every minute of it.


I can only hope that the bout on September 16 lives up to and exceeds the expectations that we the public put into it because tonight with Chavez & Canelo, we saw what happens when it doesn’t.

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