Chris Algieri has the makings of a long-term boxing champion.

CommentaryIconHaving watched the Ruslan Provodnikov – Chris Algieri fight from this weekend, I feel confident in writing that there’s no way, barring a freak one-punch knockout, that Ruslan would beat Chris in a rematch.  What I saw from Chris Algieri was clean, effective boxing skills: hands up in close, use his height and reach to his advantage, and he possesses a solid jab.


Many boxing fans and writers thought Ruslan would just walk right through Chris.  I was one of them.  Had I turned the fight off after the first round, I would have assumed that Ruslan would have gotten the stoppage in the next round.  What I didn’t pay attention to was that Algieri got right back up from the knock downs on solid legs and came back fighting more determined.

Algieri was fighting with one eye as far back as the fourth round thanks to a left hook from Ruslan that sent Algieri down in the opening round.  Even with one, Algieri was able to catch many of those left hooks on his right glove.

Besides showing heart and having a solid chin, Chris Algieri kept a tight defense when Ruslan got in close.  Chris slammed his jab, over and over into Ruslan’s forehead (Ruslan keeps his chin down: Boxing 101).  Just look at how many times he snapped the head back of Ruslan in that fight.  And as good as Provodnikov’s body work was, Algieri was throwing wicked fast hooks to the ribs just as well.

If Chris Algieri fights the way he did against Ruslan Provodnikov for the rest of his fights, there isn’t anyone in the top ten of the junior welterweight division that’s going to beat him.

He will school Danny Garcia.

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