Considering boxing?

Before you’ve made up your mind joining a gym to learn how to box, ‘delete’ your brain.   To this very day, boxing is compared with manslaughter, legalized by a few rules.  This prejudice is persistent by a lot of people and hard to erase.

The truth, however, is the opposite. Active and passive boxing fans are very much aware that it is a complex sport comprised of a number of physical and mental elements.  Endurance, strength, flexibility and technical skills are part of the sport, but don’t forget the most important component: your brain!  All what you’ve got to know, do and need to be a good boxer starts in your head.

So before you start boxing, empty your mind!

Most of the time you will be overwhelmed by the quantity of information.  Let it be and take your time.  No one has ever learned boxing in  one day.  Your trainer(s) know that and will guide you step by step.

Try to stay relaxed.  When you’re tensed, your body consumes lots of energy; energy you need to exercise.

Don’t be ashamed when things go wrong.  No one is perfect. Remember well: you’re a pupil. Hold on and keep on repeating. Repetition is the key to knowledge.

Persist!  Don’t give up. Muscular pain will vanish. Your body and self-confidence will be stronger and bigger.  Keep that in mind!

Don’t waste your energy.  You don’t have to prove yourself.  Do what you have to do and do it well.  Building up, again, takes time.

Don’t eat the last 1 – 1.5 hour before training.  Especially dairy (milk, cheese, shakes) and other sources of protein.  They’re hard to digest and make you dull.  Proteins are necessary for building up and recovery also and therefore recommended AFTER the training.

Drink enough water! Also when you’re not thirsty.

Good luck, hold on and enjoy boxing.

About the Author

Geert Gielissen
Boxing is my passion, of course. Since 1978, I work for a foundation where (most of the time) adolescents and young adults with social / mental problems are supported in developing social and occupational skills. My job is coaching sports (fitness, cardio, personal training and boxing {of course again}). Boxing is very popular not just for the physical, but also for the mental benefits. That's what I do and I love it! My diplomas are from / /

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