Dubois Challenges Joyce after Lartey Win

At the SSE Wembley Arena Daniel Dubois made short work of challenger Richard Lartey. He dispatched his opponent in just four rounds with a knock out blow to the Ghanaian fighter to secure his 11-0 unbeaten record. This young heavyweight is undoubtedly proving a force to be reckoned with and as freetips.com reports he has a new target in his sights.

With rumours swirling of a pending fight against fellow Brit Joe Joyce the young fighter maintained his composure and ignored all distractions to take this fight to the ropes swiftly and with little fuss. At one stage there was doubt the match would go ahead as Lartey had Visa problems, but he made it to the ring and now might wish he didn’t. Initially, he looked strong and made life difficult for Dubois, and the third round saw several big blows exchanges, but with just one minute remaining in round four, Daniel showed his strength and floored his opponent with a right-handed punch.

This victory has led to the British Boxing Board of Control ordering Dubois and Joyce into the ring to settle the question of the British Title which is currently vacant. A fight that the confident Dubois is convinced would see him walk away with the title. When speaking to BT Sport about the Lartey fight and his plans moving forward, he said “It was a firefight, and I was still basically trying to hit him with shots. I let my mind go then I thought, you know what, I need to pick the right shots. I hit him with a good shot and caught him on the point where I wanted to all night, so it was a lesson learnt. The guy was rugged and tough and strong. He swung, but it was lessons learnt again – just to be careful at all times. There are big fights lined up. If I just keep winning and keep progressing, I’m getting closer to these guys. If I keep winning, then I’ll be sharing a ring with these guys soon. Definitely, I’ll beat him (Joyce). As long as the preparation is right, I stay focused, listen to the people around me, I’ll beat anyone I believe.”

Naturally, this is not the view of the aforementioned Joyce who said in his opinion the younger fights was in trouble a few times before managing to come out on top. He was also keen to speak out on what he had seen. “He got the job done. It was a very entertaining fight. He got a little bit troubled by Lartey at some points, but he took him out of there. It’s an option (fighting Dubois). I’ve got a fight in Stevenage on May 18. That’s a good warm-up, then I should be out again in July. Potentially, I’m going to speak to Frank (Warren) and my managers, and we’ll see what’s out there.” With the order to fight coming from on high it is a pretty foregone conclusion that the two will meet and what a fight it will be.

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