Fight results for November 28th, 2015

TysonFuryHeadaThere are two sides to every coin. Boxing is a subjective sport and quite frankly I’m not sure how I feel about Tyson Fury’s victory over Wladimir Klitschko. On one side Fury used his jab, movement and feints to completely neutralize Klitschko who seemed unable to let his hands go throughout the entire bout. Fury seemed in all the pre-fight festivities to get into Klitschko’s head. When it mattered Klitschko’s two advantages of the jab and ability to hold an opponent didn’t go his way. The bout simply put was not close. Fury in this writers view won every round except for the 11th and 12th rounds. The 11th was actually one of Fury’s best rounds, but he lost a point for hitting Klitschko behind the head. Klitschko in the 12th round finally landed some right hands, however, it wasn’t enough to stop Fury from becoming the new Heavy weight champion.

Fury used antics in the face off where he bragged about staying in the sauna longer than Klitschko. Dressed up like Batman at a press conference. To serenading his girlfriend with an Aerosmith cover after winning the title, Tyson Fury is a going to go down as one of the most flamboyant heavyweight champions in history. The bout itself was one of the most pedestrian in Heavy weight history as there were rounds where both men combined for a total of four punches landed. Fury will hopefully be a defending champion who takes on all comers. Although the fight itself wasn’t exciting, Fury is an exciting addition to the heavyweight crown.

On the other side of the network street on SHO Extreme, 140-pound contender Amir Imam, faced off against Adrian Granados. Grandados was a huge underdog against Imam who wasn’t favored to last very long. After the first round where Imam landed a beautiful right hand that dropped Granados, the odds makers looked like they were right. Granados had something else in mind. From the 2nd round to the 8th round, Granados, out worked and out punched Imam. Every round Granados became more and more effective. In the eighth round, Granados’ right hand could not miss Imam and after a barrage of punches from Granados where Imam did not throw back any punches the referee was forced to stop the bout.

Granados is a new contender in the 140 pound weight class and while he may not be favored against he liked of Terence Crawford or Viktor Postol, his never say die attitude and work rate will give any 140 pounder a tough night.

Imam may have to go back to the drawing board. Imam landed some beautiful counters in the fight, but his inability to keep the fight at a distance cost him the bout. Imam decided to out fight a fighter when he should have stuck to using his jab.

In the Showtime main card we got two entertaining competitive bouts. Isaac Chilemba and Edeiler Alvarez battled for the right to face WBC light heavyweight champion, Adonis Stevenson.  It was a close bout with many swing rings, but ultimately Alvarez was given the decision.

After the bout Showtime interviewed Adonis Stevenson. Stevenson expressed that he would like to face Kovalev this upcoming June. He was asked why the bout hadn’t taken place yet to which Stevenson responded, “ Kovalev was scared”. I would still love to this match up take place sometime next year. Edeiler Alvarez may have to wait for his shot a bit longer.

James Degale and Lucian Bute in the main event really put on a show that elevated both fighters. Degale showed that he can be in a tough bout for twelve rounds and dish out as much as he could take. Bute showed that he still had a lot left in the tank and he won’t be an easy fight for any super middleweight. What impressed me the most in this bout was Degale’s body punching. Some of the combinations and pot shots to the body were just vicious and Bute may be looking at a trip to the hospital after the bout. The bout seemed very close with some rounds that could have gone to either fighter but the judges saw the bout for Degale clearly, with scorecards of 116-112 and 117-111 twice.

This Saturday showed that boxing is very much alive around the world. We had a new heavyweight champion crowned in Germany. The 140-pound division was shaken up by Adrian Granados as he stopped Amir Imam in eight rounds in a determined effort and Degale-Bute turned out to be a better bout than anyone expected.

Boxing is a global commodity and nights like November 28th make boxing fans thankful that it is.

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