Floyd Mayweather Jr – The Man Who Cried Wolf

IVThe last 48 hours have been an interesting 48 hours for Floyd Mayweather. They have brought to light a situation that brings boxing’s drug war full circle.

Most boxing fans by now may have read or at least know of Thomas Hauser’s article dealing with the actions that took place May 1st, 2015 with the USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Earlier today Floyd Mayweather, through his publicist and USADA, issued a statement denying the claims made in the Hauser article.  Later Hauser fired back with his own responses to USADA, brought up and highlighted many great points that were already in his article.  More after the break.

Here is the link to the original article.

The foundation for this article was laid out a couple years ago by former boxing writer Gabriel Montoya at Max Boxing.  There he highlighted Mayweather’s relationship with Don Hale, a man who owns several Testosterone Therapy Clinics throughout the country.

The issue at hand is that Mayweather made himself look like a crusader in boxing by requesting that drug testing be held to a higher standard.  Seemingly, just for a way to make the sport safer.   It looks like now, five years later, this may not have been the case. “Jealousy” and “hate” have been terms used to describe the reaction that Floyd Mayweather gets from fans and media, however, this started with him.

MayPacPosterThe jealousy and hatred started with his own for Manny Pacquiao.  With accusations of steroid use by saying Pacquiao got bigger and stronger as he moved up in weight. Pacquiao blew up to 140 – 147 pounds in many of his contests at 130 pounds.  There were allegations of increased speed, however, Pacquiao was always fast and against bigger guys you’re going to look faster.  As stated before, there were also accusations of increased power.  Pacquiao was a big puncher at 112 – 126 pounds and the only men to be stopped by Pacquiao at 147 pounds were Miguel Cotto and Oscar De La Hoya.  While Clottey, Mosley, Rios, Bradley, Marquez, and Algieri all went the distance.

We’ve gone from steroid accusations of Pacquiao, LiveStream racist rants, stints in jail, three fighters in his stable failing drug tests, and now in 2015 on the eve of his final bout up against Andre Berto we’ve finally come full circle. Did Floyd Mayweather intend on cleaning up the sport without subjecting himself to full year round testing? Did Floyd Mayweather cry wolf to divert any attention of wrongdoing from himself?  How long will it take for us to have an answer?  How Long?  Hopefully not long, because what you reap is what you sow.

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