Fury Says On One Condition

It has been revealed today that Tyson Fury has come around to the WBC request that he fights Dillian Whyte, but there is one condition attached to the acceptance as Bonusbets.com reports.

The acceptance from Fury came in the form of a social media video which he posted on his account. But, he made it clear he would only be accepting if they were to fight over the Diamond Belt, not the interim title. The so-called Gypsy King is irritated that he is not already the WBC heavyweight belt after the Deontay Wilder draw last year. Speaking on film Fury said “I just want to send a special message to the WBC who have supported me in my comeback and have been very fair with me. I recently saw your quote about fighting for the interim title against Dillian Whyte, and I thank you for your interest. But because I beat Deontay Wilder, though I didn’t get the decision, I still won, and the world knows. I propose that we make me and Dillian Whyte for the WBC diamond belt, not the interim belt. I will take care of Dillian Whyte, and I will knock him out within six rounds. I accept the challenge. Thank you very much. I will fight Dillian Whyte every day of the week and twice on a Sunday. Let’s get it on!”.

Unsurprisingly Whyte does not feel that he will be the loser of the bout and has replied to the video with his feelings on the meeting. “Let’s do it then, Tyson Fury. I’d fight you anytime, anywhere, seven days a week and five times on Sunday I look forward to putting you to sleep. Let’s go, baby.” Clearly, the fight will attract a lot of interest from the public and will likely be a pay-per-view event although the venue is not decided at this early stage of negotiations. Whether the fight would take place this year is not clear, as both fighters have other commitment. On the 15th of June Fury is in the ring with Tom Schwartz, the result of which was not known when this article was written just before. Fury is the favourite to win that fight, and until the dust has settled, there will be no further negotiations with the Whyte camp.

It could be a busy time for Fury as his promoter Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum who represents Anthony Joshua are under pressure to thrash out a deal, and this is the condition needed to secure this fight. Conlan has gone on record as saying “There has to be a sit-down between Bob [Arum], DAZN, Fury’s People and Wilder’s people. There is going to be a time where it has to happen. The quality and depth is not there in the heavyweight division; we have three guys who stand alone at the top and then Dillian Whyte etc. below, Joe Joyce below that. There just isn’t much room for these kinds of fights [Fury vs Schwartz] because the big guys are going to have to fight each other. The only way for that to happen is for the likes of Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn to sit down with each other and please their beggars.”

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