Gennady Golovkin: Heir to the Throne?

GolovkinHeirThumbI remember back in the summer of 2007, there was big talk about a heavy-hitting contender in the middleweight division who was gunning for the champion, promoted by Lou DiBella.

Six years later in 2013, we have a similar situation with Gennady Golovkin (holder of the WBO title) who right now seems to be the most logical opponent for the middleweight champion of the world, Sergio Martinez, who if you’ll recall is promoted by Lou DiBella.

I watched Golovkin’s most recent fight against Matthew Macklin and was amazed at how much of a beast he looked like inside the ring.  It was the end of the first round, but Macklin looked like he had already been through five rounds.  And the fact that he was later knocked out in the third round, by a body shot no less, (something you don’t see very often these days) is equally impressive.

I remember watching an interview with Lou DiBella a few months back and he was very dismissive about the idea of Golovkin and Martinez fighting.  However now he’s come out and said that Sergio’s very willing to fight Golovkin… but don’t expect it anytime soon.

DiBella made a statement to where he admitted that Sergio wouldn’t be back until spring of next year and after such a long layoff, he wouldn’t want to put him in there with someone as fierce as Golovkin.

I understand where DiBella is coming from.  After all, by the time Sergio returns he’ll be almost 40 (His birthday is February 21) and if you’ll recall in his last fight this past April, he looked very vulnerable against Martin Murray; down in the eighth round though you can make a fair argument that he was down in the tenth as well even though it was ruled a slip.

The question now is, who do you put against an older boxer who is coming off of a year long lay off to prepare him for someone most people, even Martinez himself, apparently believe to be the heir to the middleweight division?

Miguel Cotto?  I don’t think so.  Cotto seemed to be stretching it by going to 154lbs.  Asking him to add another six pounds to his frame and he’ll look like a muffin-top.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?  Possibly.  After all, Bob Arum was close to wetting himself when the owner of Cowboy’s Stadium said he’d be willing to host the rematch between Martinez and Chavez so financially it could do very well.  But remember, Sergio was close to being taken out near the end of the fight.  A determined (clean and sober) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. might not be the best thing.

As for GGG (not to be confused with wrestler HHH), what should he do in the meantime?  Well he does have plans to stay active.  I’d would target all other belt-holders in the division, single them out until it was just me and Sergio who held the belts.

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