Golovkin vs. Lemieux recap

NewsIconIn front of a sold out crowd of 20,548 rabid boxing fans in Madison Square Garden, Gennady Golovkin put a complete technical & brutal beat down on David Lemieux in the main event of last night’s Pay-Per-View show.  Many thought that Lemieux had little to no chance before the first bell rang and pondered why the match-up was put on PPV.  The critics turned out to be correct, but the manner in which Golovkin dismantled Lemieux may have been unexpected.

Lemieux was expected to come out in the first round like a tornado, but Golovkin’s jab completely neutralized and kept Lemieux at a distance throughout the entire bout. Everything worked off the jab for Golovkin and whenever Lemieux came close to landing anything on Golovkin he paid for it dearly.  In the fifth round Golovkin scored a knock down on Lemieux with a great left shot for the body that made Lemieux cringe and take a knee. Golovkin landed a punch while Lemieux was on his knee and was lucky that Lemieux wasn’t badly affected as this could have led to a disqualification.  Lemieux attempted some forms of a comeback by landing some left hooks, but it was to an avail, as they had no affect on Golovkin.  The end came in the eighth round with another left hook body shot by Golovkin that made Lemieux visibly cringe and look at the referee possibly just on instinct, but the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight.  Golovkin is now the IBF and WBA middleweight world champion and has made 15 title defenses with 21 knockouts in a row.  The future for Golovkin could entail the winner of this November’s Miguel CottoSaul Canelo Alvarez bout, but if avoided or shoved to the side for a rematch between the two there will be the Andy Lee if he wins his upcoming WBO middleweight title defense against Billy Joe Saunders and his IBF mandatory that fought on the under-card; Tureano Johnson.

In the co-main event Roman Gonzalez defended his WBC flyweight title against veteran Brian Viloria.  Viloria started off the bout quickly to make his presence immediately known to Gonzalez.  Gonzalez was patient, consistent and had a high work-rate with great punch selection and sequencing.  Gonzalez scored a knockdown in the third round with a little right hand on the inside that Viloria didn’t see coming.  This was the first knockdown of VIloria’s professional career.  Afterwards Viloria landed some great left hooks to the body and the head to keep himself in the fight, but he was being overwhelmed by Gonzalez’s sheer precision and activity.  Viloria was moving around the ring less and less, which highlighted Gonzalez’s ability to cut off the ring.  With the high volume style that Gonzalez has perfected he keeps himself defensively responsible while cutting the ring off and allowing Viloria to tire himself leaving more openings for Gonzalez to take advantage of. The end came in the ninth round as Gonzalez began to punish Viloria with straight right hands consistently throughout the round and backed him up against the ropes to unleash one last combination to force the referee to stop the fight.  Roman Gonzalez improves to 44-0 with 38 KO’s and may be moving forward to a move up to 115 or a rematch with rival Juan Francisco Estrada.

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