Heavyweight Title Preview & Prediction: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder

December 1st is the day that will decide who is the best heavyweight in the world. Both of these titans of the ring are undefeated, yet Deontay Wilder has been listed as the favorite in this heavyweight bout. You can review top boxing betting outlets like Bovada to see if they offer the perks that you are looking for in a sportsbook.

Two Champions Clash

The outcome of this fight will put a mark on one of these fighters that neither has seen in their professional careers, a loss. Tyson Fury is 27-0 with 19 KOs, and Deontay Wilder is 40-0 with 39 KOs. The December bout at the STAPLES Center in Las Angeles is a fight of epic proportions. This is the fight that the heavyweight division has needed for quite some time to drive away the stagnation that has been festering in the weight-class over the last couple of years.


Wilder is the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, and he’s defended his title successfully seven times already. Though with, Tyson Fury stepping in as the challenger, Wilder will be facing a whole other level of competition … to the likes of which he has never seen before.


Tyson Fury has been out of the ring for a while and is coming in as a slight underdog (+155) to Wilder. But let’s not forget that Fury is the former UNIFIED heavyweight champion: WBA (super), IBF, WBO, IBO, The Ring, & Lineal heavyweight titles. Fury also held the Irish heavyweight title, the English heavyweight title, and the British and Commonwealth titles.


Fury was never beaten but relinquished his titles voluntarily pending and anti-doping investigation and on February of 2018, was also stripped of his The Ring title. But now he’s back and has fought twice in quick succession. Tyson took a tune-up fight to shake the rust off against Sefer Seferi and beat the Albanian in just four rounds. He then took a tougher fight against Francesco Pianeta and won by decision after going a full ten rounds. Paraphrasing Fury, he stated that he was not going for an early win, but wanted to go the distance and work on his technique and that he was slipping jabs well and had plenty left in the tank after ten rounds.


Now Fury will get his chance to regain one of his heavyweight titles but is the hard-hitting Alabama native too much for him after so much time away from top-level competition or is he a new man, revived and ready to conquer the boxing world all over again?

Fighting Styles

If there were a picture in place of the definition for the word punching-power, Wilder’s face would occupy that spot. He’s a 6’7 powerhouse who has put down 39 of his 40 opponents. It was said that Wilder has murder in his right hand. He has killer instincts and attacks from wild angles with windmill haymakers. His technique isn’t as good as some of his previous opponents, and it definitely isn’t as good as Fury’s, but so for it hasn’t mattered. All it takes is one of his club-like punches landing, and even the strongest chins turn to glass.


Fury is the definition of smooth and fundamentals. Even more so for a big man. At 6’9 and 258 pounds, no one else his size slips and moves as well. Fury also has an uncanny ring IQ. Some say that smart boxing beats punching power, but Wilder has proven that wrong on a few occasions. That said, you can’t knock out what you can’t hit, and Tyson Fury is tough to land punches against.

Tale of the Tape

Age – Tyson Fury 30

Deontay Wilder 32


Height – Tyson Fury 6’9

Deontay Wilder 6’7


Reach – Tyson Fury 85”

Deontay Wilder 83”


Weight – Tyson Fury 258 pounds

Deontay Wilder 214 Pounds


When we only look at the tape, serious advantages are going towards Tyson Fury. He’s all around bigger: taller, heavier, with a longer reach. He’s also younger and has better hand speed. But none of this matters if he gets caught by one of Wilder’s devastating right-hands.

The Prediction

It’s more of a lean than a prediction … Tyson Fury manages the distance and slowly picks Wilder apart until he breaks down defensively and wither wins by decision or gets a late round TKO.  That said, Wilder is bringing hell with each power-punch that he throws and all of that ‘math’ goes out the window.

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