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mihtar2Brian Mihtar has an appropriate nickname; “The Lion.” He is a professional fighter, a middleweight, who was born in Yemen and resides in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently 13 and 1 with 10 of those wins coming by knock out. He had 37 amateur bouts winning the bronze medal in 1999 at the Ringside Nationals, runner-up in the Michigan State Golden Gloves of 2000, and five-time Captain of Team Kronk.

How did you get into boxing?

Actually, I became a huge fan of Prince Naseem Hamed and it all started with him.  He was the first boxer of Yemen-heritage and he inspired me to take up the sport.  I loved his flash, flair and charisma, as well as his boxing style.

Brian, these days, successful professional fighters have well over a hundred amateur matches. Why did you only fight in thirty-seven?

I got started in boxing at a later age, I was 18 years old when I fought my first amateur fight.  I used the amateurs to gauge my level of skill and fought some very good competition.  I won some tournaments and could start to tell that my style was more in-tune with a professional boxing style than an amateur one.

What do you feel is your best asset?

I think my best asset is my punching power.  I definitely throw fierce punches and especially love to attack the body.

How much longer do you think before you get a shot at the USBA or NABF middleweight belt?

That’s a good question and it’s really out of my hands.  I have some good people now advising me and I’m starting to get noticed.  I just recently won the NABC junior-middleweight belt, so hopefully that will open up some doors for me.

Brian, is there anyone that inspires you or gives you strength to succeed in boxing?

My family and my faith in Allah (God) help inspires me and gives me the strength to do well in boxing.  I am thankful every day for what I have been blessed with.

What is a typical training day like for Brian Mihtar?

Nothing special really.  I get up and eat a healthy meal before heading out to the gym.  I do my warm ups and work the equipment before getting in the ring for some sparring or work with my trainer.  I’ll then end the day with some jump-rope and later I’ll go tuning.

 Is there any advice you could give to someone starting out in the sport?

You have to be dedicated to the sport and training.  I’ve seen so many people have the skill, but no desire to stay in the gym and work hard.  I learned from those fighters.  I learned never to be like them and work hard.  The most successful fighters I’ve seen were all ones that eat, drink and sleep boxing.

When can we expect to see “The Lion” back in the ring?

Nothing I want to jinx right now….  Stay tuned to my website and on my Facebook fan page – Brian “The Lion” Mihtar and you’ll know when things become official.


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