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donyilsmallDonYil Livingston is the epitome of excellence.  Just one look at his amateur boxing resume reveals a person who knows how to win. In over 200 bouts, DonYil has won many championships including the National Silver Gloves, National Junior Golden Gloves, National Junior Olympics, International Junior Olympics, California PAL, and the Ringside World Championship.

DonYil, you were an outstanding amateur boxer, with many championships under your belt. How did you get started in boxing?

I began boxing in the summer of 1995, my brothers and I went up to this park looking to sign up for football, however, due to my size ( 10yrs-5’2″ 178lbs) I was too big to play with my age and weight division. As we were exiting the park, my brothers and I walked into what appeared to be a basketball gym from the outside but a boxing gym in the inside and I’ve been in love with the sport every since.

You made your professional boxing debut in May. Are you as excited now as you were when you first starting your amateur career?

To be quite honest with you, I believe that I’m more excited now about my career because I did take the time off. Going into my professional debut I was totally relaxed and comfortable about taking on the new challenge of the professional rankings. After my professional debut my hunger grew because I know that I’m back to do what I LOVE to do which is Box.

I know the politics of professional boxing can determine how often a boxer competes. How often would YOU like to be fighting?

I would love to compete every month, every two weeks if possible starting off my career that way it allows me to get right back into the swing of things. We’re staying ready and constantly looking for the next possible test as we prepare ourselves to move up this professional ladder.

Some boxers credit God, their family, their significant other, or sometimes themselves for giving them the strength to do what they do. What or who do you credit as your source of strength?

Absolutely have to give credit and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first and foremost. Also I’m blessed to have a well rounded and supportive family. At the end of the day when its all said and done I have to go home to my family and my wife and everyone else continues to support me as we’re all on one accord reaching for the World Title.

Being that BOXING 4 FREE is a website about boxing training, what training habits do you have that you feel would be beneficial to an athlete starting out in the sport?

I believe that the BIGGEST as well as BEST training habit that I have is, the determination to be the best. Meaning that first you have to believe in yourself and once you’ve established that belief, all your training habits don’t become easy, but they become enjoyable…

What is a typical training day for DonYil Livingston like?

Waking up at 6am hitting the road to begin a great day of training. Returning to the house, taking a quick shower and relax for a while before preparing for the gym which takes approximately 1.5 hour drive. Once arriving at the gym we stretch for about 10-15 minutes, hit the jump rope for 15minutes, go straight into shadow-boxing, working on technique and skill that we need to execute that goes on for 20 minutes without rest. Wrap up and begin whatever drills that coach has planned for us that day that can range from a basic floor workout to a great day of sparring, sometimes both.

When could we expect to see you fighting again?

Its really hard to say at the moment, we have a couple dates that we’re currently working toward, but nothing is concrete at the moment. We’re just making sure we stay ready that way we don’t have to get ready…


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