Interview: “Ice Man” John Scully (Part Two)

InterviewIce, Ice, Baby…In the second part of this exclusive interview with “Iceman” John Scully we side-stepped the boxing ring and entered into a versatile corner of John’s personal life.  Being able to relate to a favorite boxer is a big part of fan appreciation. That is why I always try to choose the type of questions that will allow a fighter to expose his human side to all those who read about him.

By venturing to ask a variety of questions: some trademark questions, a few quickies and a new twist on the original word association technique. I’m positive the his responses will give all of us a glimpse into another piece of the puzzle that makes Ice so uniquely special.  Let’s explore what really makes Iceman John Scully tick:


Now I’m going to say the name of a boxer and I want the first word that comes to your mind. 

  • Broner – Waste
  • Klitschko – Effective
  • Ward – Scientific
  • GGG – Calculated.
  • Canelo – Aggressive
  • Froch – Awkward
  • Mayweather – Effortless
  • Manny – History
  • Cotto – Strong
  • Porter – Upside
  • Brook – Winner
  • Thurman – Powerful.
  • Bute – Rebounding
  • Povetkin – Recovering
  • Bradley – Determined
  • Khan – enigma
  •  Algieri – energetic
  • Lemieux – powerful
  • Kovalev – monster
  • Shea – Spunky
  • Martinez – Unfortunate
  • Madina – Underrated
  • Ibeabuchi – Animal
  • Lopez – Perfection
  • Holyfield – Relentless
  • Nunn – Slick
  • Barrera – Fierce

What makes you special?
I have rejected the whole peer pressure scene for my entire life pretty much and am proof that it is possible.  Also, I’m not materialistic at all.  I am more impressed by what a person has accomplished or built himself than how many pairs of expensive sneakers he owns.

What are you afraid of?
Now that I have my daughter I have to live to be a 100.  I’m afraid of not being there for her.

Three words to describe you?
Simple?  Unaffected?  Casual?  I don’t know.  You’d have to tell me your impressions.

Okay.  Honest and Insightful.
I can accept that description, thank you.

Best part of your body?
My memory and my mind.  I always joke with people that they better not lie about where they were or what they did because if I see it I’m remembering it.

It’s always been about boxing for me.  Writing about it, participating in it and watching it.

If you could have a superhero power which would you chose?
To fly like Superman. Other superhero’s are strong or whatever it is they have but none of them fly like Superman. You just can’t beat that.

1 thing people would never guess about you?
Maybe that I’m good with words. I have written a bit of poetry. I’ve been told that I write much differently than how I talk. I’m also still young at heart and a person who enjoys king and clowning and pulling pranks once in awhile.

What has the power to sting you?
I could probably accept anything my kids or people I care about become, but I would be hurt if they got into drugs.  I cannot even stress how anti-drug I am.

scully6What does your wife think of your boxing career?
We weren’t together when I was fighting and at first she didn’t have a clue to who the boxers were that I introduced her to.  Way back after Roy Jones won the WBA heavyweight title we ended up in Pensacola at the gym Roy has at his house and afterwards I was talking to her and it was very apparent that she had no idea who Roy even was.  She had no idea she had just hung out and took a photo with the heavyweight champion of the world.  Now she is a boxing fan and sometimes she even wants to watch fights that I wasn’t even planning to see.  I think she thinks it’s pretty cool when she sees something on the internet about me or one of the fighters I’m training.

Would you want your children to box?
Believe it or not I don’t push anyone into boxing whatsoever.  If anyone wants to box they would have to ask me because I wouldn’t suggest it for anything other than to have something for them to do on a particular day.

What about your daughter boxing?
I don’t think so.  Right now she is more interested in being a Princess.

That might be harder for you than her boxing.
You know you’ve got that right.

Does it bother you that MMA legend Chuck Liddel has the same nickname as you?
Not at all. I had it way before he did. I was “The Iceman” way before anyone ever even heard of Chuck. It’s actually cool to have someone famous like him in another sport because whenever they mention him or any of the other Iceman’s of the sports world it might help them remember me, too.

If there was a boxing movie made about your life who would play you?
Brad Pitt but really I would prefer an unknown guy because it would be more genuine than a famous actor playing the part of a boxer.  Brad is too famous to play me.

To someone who has never met you how would you introduce yourself ?
“Hey, how are you doing, my man?   I’m John.”.

What do people get wrong about you?
Not really wrong but when they find out that I have never drank, smoked or done drugs they say “Really?” in a way that says they find it hard to believe.

Where would you go on a dream vacation?
With my friends it’s almost always on a boxing trip to Las Vegas and with my family maybe somewhere warm and sunny with a beach and a jet-ski rental close by.

If you could be a car what kind would you be?
Honda Accord.  Reliable and apparently ever lasting.

If you were stranded on a desert island with any boxer (past or present) who would it be and why?
Ali.  He would be good company.  I’d never run out of questions for the man.

Any bad habits?
As far as knowingly taking something unhealthy into my body, no, there isn’t anything.  I don’t drink soda or eat red meat. If I had to say one thing it would be that I can be sloppy.  I am no longer allowed to wash the dishes anymore because I am not thorough enough. They always look so clean to me when they are wet, I guess, and I’m never around long enough to see them dry.  But my wife does.  Not good.

If you were a candy bar which one would you be?
Can’t even answer this one. I wouldn’t want to be anything that couldn’t actually eat (other) candy bars.

If you were an animal what would you be?
A tiger.  A big tiger.  He’s fast, he’s sleek and powerful and dangerous.  But people still think he’s nice to look at.

What is an easy way to get you mad?
Offer me a drink of alcohol to be funny when you know I don’t drink.   I can’t say it makes me mad but I just find it kind of stupid, especially from other adults.

If you were a crayon what color would you be?
I’m a versatile crayon. Cannot pick just one color.

Now for some quickies, ready?

  • scully5Favorite color – Black (solid and glossy)
  • Favorite food – Pizza
  • Favorite dessert – Cheesecake
  • Favorite snack – Dark chocolate covered almonds
  • Best Quality – I’m pretty real.
  • Worst Quality – I don’t pay much attention to people in every day settings. I don’t say, “Hey, how are you doing?” unless I really want to know. I’d rather just say, “Hey, nice to see you.”
  • Tattoo’s?  None
  • Musical tastes?  Eclectic.  I like Elvis and Michael Jackson, but I also like Journey and Bobby Darin and Sam Cooke and Chubby Checker.
  • Pizza topping?  Cheese, of course, with sausage and pepperoni.
  • Guilty Pleasure?  Cheesecake with a side of ice cream.
  • Pet Peeve?  I have so many that I have a funny list I drew up called: THE BAN LIST.
  • How about people who use finger quotations when they have a conversation?  And people who ride their 10 speed bike on a busy road alongside cars and tractor trailer trucks and they stop at the light with us with their helmet and elbow pads and use hand signals to let us know which way they are going to commence pedaling at 11 miles per hour?
  • Villain or Hero?  Hero.  We  have more than enough villains in the world already.
  • If you were a fruit you would be?  A watermelon.
  • Favorite drink?  Green tea
  • Favorite Ice cream?  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Swiss Almond. Maui Brownie Madness.  Mint Chocolate Chip. All with whipped cream.
  • Boxer or Briefs?  Boxers

What’s in your frig right now?
Dove dark chocolate. 2 percent milk. Eggs. Apples. A ginger root. Watermelon and some stuff my wife eats that I really don’t recognize.

If you had more time, you would______?
Finish my book The Iceman Diaries!!!

If your cell phone fell in the toilet, what would you do?
Get extremely upset!  Look down at in disbelief.  Fish it out. Try to revive it. Realize it was finished. Take it to the store and hope they could save it. Buy a new one when they failed.

Who is your hero?
Muhammad Ali.  He did it his way, Frank Sinatra style.  He talked, dressed and acted how he wanted to. Never seemed to waver. Even in the 70’s when he was the biggest star among stars. He never used slang, never dressed like Super Fly. Never wore jewelry, never ever got caught doing something embarrassing at 3 am. But everyone still wanted to be like him.

Celeb crush?
The crush list is long and distinguished. We’ve got everyone from Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Megan Goode, Tatum O’ Neal,  and that girl who played Marcia in the “Brady Bunch” movie. Also that girl on that episode of “Seinfeld” who wouldn’t spare a square for Elaine in the ladies room.

I’m not as ___as I look.

What gives you the creeps?
Empty parking garages late at night and dark country roads at night. I don’t care where I am, if it’s pitch black and there are woods right there I roll the windows, lock the doors, turn the music off and stop for nothing.

You went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay?
I’d check it out for a few. I would stay dressed but I’d be an interested and amazed observer.

Your best friend would describe you as ______.
They’d say he has good aim with a super soaker. He’s the automatic desginated driver, no questions asked. And if you fall asleep first you’re getting shaving creamed.

One thing you love about yourself?
My resistance to peer pressure is unbreakable. Never fell to any dangerous vices and it’s been proven futile to attempt to get it done against me.

Favorite scent on earth?
Probably a hint of vanilla air freshener.

Your stay-fit food
Purifed water. You’ll absolutely feel mentally and physically stronger knowing no tap water enters your   system.

Favorite TV show
All time? Seinfeld. Everything George Costanza complains about and observes, I agree with.

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone who marched to the beat of his own drummer. As someone who loved boxing and respects all fighters to the fullest. I recognize who they are and what they are and realize that what they do is beyond unusual and special.

I can’t go to sleep unless I’ve______
Checked the garage door to make sure it’s closed and locked. You’d be amazed how many times I go to check and find it open.

Your greatest obsession?
Boxing. It’s natural to me. Every day, 365 days a year, my mind is on boxing at some point.

What makes you smile?
When my daughter says something hat makes me realize how smart she actually is. Really insightful stuff that I had no idea someone still in elementary school would even think of.

In closing, would you like to share with the fans some boxing wisdom?
I knew a boxer who would always be in the gym training. I asked why he trains so much and he said,” I know I won’t be the fastest boxer or the sharpest and not the quickest so I figure I’d better be in the best shape that I can be because that is the one thing I can control.” I was instantly impressed and I’ve never forgotten his words.

Thank you Ice for the great interview.
Thank you. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate being asked to do it.

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