Interview: Middleweight Jason Quigley

QuigleyHeadJason Quigley whose record is 5-0 (5KO’s) is an exciting and ambitious middleweight.  He is from Ballybofey, County Donegal , Ireland.  Jason has received many European medals and awards during his amateur career.  He decided to turn professional in 2014.  He is signed with Golden Boy Promotions and is managed by Sheer Sports Management in Los Angeles, In his professional debut, Jason was victorious with a first round KO and from there never looked back, Let’s find out more about Jason:

Quigley2What made you want to be a boxer?
My father was a boxer and that inspired me to be a boxer.

What age did you start boxing?
I was 11 when I first started.

How do you describe your boxing style?
I have my own unique style…I have an all round style I can box or however the fight presents it self I can adapt pretty well.

How is your boxing career going so far?
According to plan, so far so good.

What is your best punch?
Whatever lands on the chin.

How does it feel to be undefeated?
It feels great but I always know there’s always someone out there looking to give me my first ‘L’.

Who are your inspirations in boxing?
Barrera, Ward, Mayweather.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?
I love to get the buzz going but being a boxer there’s are some retractions to how much adrenaline I can enjoy.

Who is your trainer?
Manny Robles

Where do you train?
The Rock Gym in Carson, CA.

Favorite part of boxing?
Getting the ‘W’ getting my arms raised at the end.

Least favorite part of boxing?
Making weight.

What is your greatest strength as a fighter?

One thing you need more work on?
Always go back and work on the basics.

What would you like to accomplish in the sport?
Everything possible..nothing is off limits or outside of my reach.

When the bell rings what is going on in your mind?
As soon as I hear the opening bell it’s time to dominate and do my best..take control of the fight.    And when it rings at the end, I just want to make sure my opponent is ok..and then I enjoy the moment of victory.

What separates you from  other fighters in your weight class?
My wanting to be the best, my focus, my maturity and knowing what I need to do to get to my final destination. Which is to be a world champion.

How do you juggle everyday life with your boxing?
Boxing comes first everything is secondary.  No question.

If you didn’t box what would you be doing?
Most likely if be playing football (soccer).

Your dream fight?

Favorite fighters right now?
Mayweather, Ward.

How can we improve the sport of  boxing?
Give the fans the fights they ask for.

Some World Famous Diva Questions

QuigleyArmsFavorite color?  Gold
Favorite food?  Chinese
Worst habit?  Not saying “no” sometimes.
Describe yourself in 3 words?  Happy, confident, relaxed
The person who changed your life?  I’d say myself..I’ve traveled the world over from a very young age, meeting people representing my country really changed me and gave me a new outlook on life.
What is the best part of your body?  My bum..from a young age the ladies have loved it! Haha!
What’s in your refrigerator right now?  Water..chicken..veggies…milk, eggs, tuna
First thing you do when you wake up?  Brush teeth
Last thing you do before bed?  Pray and listen music
The one thing that annoys you the most about people?  I don’t like liars
What would you do if your cellphone fell in the toilet?  Is jump in after it, it’s an IPhone!
Away from boxing what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  Simple things taking in life in general.
If you could go 1 round with any boxer in history who would you choose?  Ali
A quote or phrase that best describes your life?  Believe.. Perform.. Achieve.

A message to your fans:
Thanks for the support… stay with me and come on this journey with me, we are going to the top!  Fighting Irish!

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