Interview: Nick “King Beaman” Givhan

NickThumbNick “King Beaman” Givhan ( 11-0) is a junior welterweight prospect, on the move.  He is from Kalamazoo,Michigan.  Nick is the current WMBA Junior welterweight champ.  With his last fight being rescheduled, Nick headed right back to the gym to fine tune his boxing skills in anticipation for his next bout. Nick has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh, but when it comes to training and fight night he is all business.  Now it’s time to show his opponent as well as his fans what he can do.


Let’s get to know Nick:

Q  What made you want to be a boxer?
A  Mike Tyson.  I grew up watching his fights.  And grew up with 7 brothers and there was some fighting.  It’s something I got a liking for.

Q  What age did you start boxing?
A  12 years old.

Q  How do you describe your boxing style?
A  James Toney — same style.  My trainer was trained by Pops Miller, who trained James Toney.  So there are a lot of similarities to my style.

Q  How is your boxing career going so far?
A   As expected, great.  I’m still undefeated, taking on greater challenges and succeeding.

Q  What is your best punch?
A  Check hook.

Q  Who are your inspirations in boxing?
A  Pernell Whittaker, Floyd Mayweather, Ali, Mike Tyson, and James Toney.

Q  Who is your trainer?
A  Terrence Thompson

Q  Where do you train?
A  AZO Alliance Gym, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Q   Favorite part of boxing?
A  Traveling, going to new places, seeing everything.

Q  Least favorite part of boxing?
A  The politics.

Q  What is your greatest strength as a fighter?
My will.  You have to have will before skill.  The will to want to train when you don’t feel like it and to get through tough rounds in a fight.

Q  One thing you need more work on?
A  Remaining focused.

Q  How do you feel about being undefeated?
A  It feels good, because I am a firm believer there’s always someone that has your ticket. But with the will and skill I have, it’s only right to be undefeated and I want to stay that way.

Q  What do you feel gives you a competitive edge?
A  Doubt.  People doubting I will be able to do this or that in a fight.  When people doubt me, I want to show them what I AM capable of doing.  So doubt drives me.

Q  What would you like to accomplish in the sport?
A  To be considered one of the best and getting the recognition that is deserved.

Q  What separates you from the other fighters in your weight class?
A  It’s a level of humbleness that fighters in my weight class stay at.  I completely turn up my personality and give people something to pay attention to all the time.

Q  Best thing about being a fighter?
A  Living a healthy lifestyle and having a spectacular body such as mine.

Q  How do you juggle everyday life with your boxing?
A  Well, it is not always easy.  But it takes dedication and focus to level everything out.

Q  If you didn’t box what would you be doing?
A  Even though I don’t think I’m that funny of a guy, people seem to ask me to do stand up comedy.  So I’d probably do something in that field.

Q  Your dream fight?
A  My dream fight? To have enough money for my kid’s kids to retire. It doesn’t matter who the fight is with.

Q  Favorite fighters right now?
A  Floyd Mayweather, Pernell Whitaker, Mike Tyson, Ali, and James Toney.

Q  How can we improve the sport of boxing?
A  The only way to improve boxing is to check the politics.  People lost a lot of respect for boxing because of politics.

Some World Famous Diva Questions:

Q  Favorite color?  Red

Q  Favorite food?  Baked tilapia with ground turkey spaghetti.

Q  Worst habit?  I hate getting out of my daily structure.

Q  Boxers or briefs?  Boxers, of course….with stripes.

Q  What is the best part of your body?  My abs.

Q  What’s in your refrigerator right now?  Soy milk, water, turkey dogs, egg whites, tilapia, orange Powerade.

Q  First thing you do when you wake up?  Turn on ESPN and do a stomach workout.

Last thing you do before bed?  A stomach work out.

Q  The one thing that annoys you the most about people?  When they talk too much.

Q  Favorite music?  Soul, R & B.

Q  Your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Breyer’s Strawberry…only every now and then.

Q  Away from boxing what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  Having family time, hang out, talk to friends, bowl, see movies.

Q If you could go 1 round with any boxer in history who would you choose?  Rocky Marciano.

Q  A quote or phrase that best describes your life? Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.

Q  A message to your fans: Team work makes the dream work and dream work makes the King work.  And Team Beamen is Moving!  And S/O to Future Legend – for the true statement on the shirt I read every day when I work out.

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