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InterviewRachel Charles is a publicist extraordinaire.  She is truly dedicated to the fighters she works for: Jason Quigley, Everton Lopes, Ronald Akeem Ellis, Edwin Sandoval and Julian Ramirez.  These young fighters are very lucky to have her on their team.  Rachel is no wallflower, she is a go-getter in her boxing career, as well as her everyday life.

She is the first to admit that she has had a “crazy” life and has written a book about it entitled: “Half-Caste” which will be coming out after some final editing. Rachel is hard-working, dependable and confident.  She has the biggest, brightest smile I have ever seen.  She is definitely a positive force in the sport of boxing.  Let’s meet Rachel:

What attracted you to boxing?

I didn’t start out ‘attracted’ to boxing to be honest. I had a chance meeting with James Toney and Mr. John Arthur and before I knew it I was sitting in front of Dan Goossen being interviewed for a job.  It literally happened within a week.  It was a complete whirlwind. Before I knew it I was working Andre Ward’s pro-debut and Glen Johnson vs. Antonio Tarver at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Next up was MSG, Toney vs. Ruiz for the belt… craziest shite ever.


What is your job description?

I used to be strictly publicity. Now with Sheer Sports I do just about everything. I’m the V.P of Operations and Publicity. So I have my hands in many pots! I’m one of a few fortunate people to have graduated from Goossen Promotions Uni. Dan Goossen taught me all I know so it’s been an advantage to all of those I’ve worked for since.

How do you describe your work ethic?

Again I must give credit to Goossen. He said you either do it to your best or don’t do it at all. I took that and ran with it. He held a very high standard one which I stand by today.

Who are the fighters you work with?

I currently have Irish standout 4-0 4KO’s Jason Quigley. Two time Olympian Everton Lopes from Brazil, Ronald Akeem Ellis 10-0, 8KO’s, Edwin Sandoval 2-0 and Julian Ramirez 13-0, 8KO’s (not affiliated with Sheer Sports).  Julian and I have been together a long time.  He’s my only fighter outside of Sheer Sports.

How do you deal with being in a male-dominated sport?

I don’t take crap from anyone… it’s not that I like to scrap with the fellas but if they don’t
respect me then we have an issue… I treat people with respect until they piss me off.

Have you received the respect you deserve in your position?

I don’t know if I have. I just let my work speak for itself, and as long as the people who I consider to be my ‘friends’ in this biz are good with me, then I’m ok with that. Respect is earned I have paid my dues and then some…but some folks would rather eat mud than give anyone their respect. At the end if the day when I see my kid in the paper or a big profile written in a magazine who really doesn’t warrant that kind of INK! just yet, get it, that’s respect. That tells me the editor/writer believed in me enough to give my kid a chance.

What is a day in your life like?

Insane..wake up around 3:45am go for a run, come home fix my fro and sit at my desk and get my hustle on! Very busy trying to keep the plates spinning…i jump from one thing to another. I normally stop around 8/9pm depending.

Favorite fighters right now?

My fav fighters right now are the kids I have… Julian is by far my dude… he’s so talented its scary.  Quigley too, both of these boys futures are beyond bright.  I’m very excited to be with them from the ground up.  Julian is a total goof ball… he’s just Julian.. no sweat no ego.. just Julian.   Quigley is very special. He’s from Ireland and although I’m a Brit I consider him my family.. there’s that thing of taking care of the new guy, I feel a personal rather than professional responsibility to look after him.  And he is very grateful and never shows how much I get on his nerves.  Ronald has the BEST smile of all time and his talent is amazing (he’s currently training with Freddie Roach)…and never answers my calls…Edwin is a great kid he can box and sing.. plus plus!  I’m just getting to know Everton Lopes, he doesn’t speak English so we communicate via Google translate, which is hilarious.

What makes you strong?

What makes me strong….great question…I have survived many wars from the age of 10…teenage parent (16 and pregnant) being a single mom, with the exception of a 5 year marriage to Vince Charles, who was a musician for Neil Diamond. I toured with them but that lifestyle was not for me. I fell off the grid and losing all I had literally to getting back up again and giving it my all for one last round. I’m still here 47 years, life and people have tried to break me but I’m still standing.

What advice would you give women going into any part of boxing?

Its dirty, sweaty, grimy, backstabbing so either have a thick skin or get one real quick.

What does your family think of your love of boxing?

They think its perfect for me… my personal life has been one big fight since I was a very young kid.. so it’s a natural position for me to be in.  Plus I’m stir crazy so its perfect.

How do you keep grounded with all you do?

Music… and my love for my team brothers Courage Tshabalala, Lyle Green and Ken Sheer. My down days are most certainly always lifted by my dear dear pal Kieran Mulvaney… when I’m on my snot box about something he listens and helps me off the ledge. My friends keep me grounded.

What is the secret to your success?

Stay with it… if you need to take a knee, take it… but get back in the fight… it may sound cheesy but it’s true… stay with it.. don’t give up. Give it your all and then some and you will make it… whatever you “IT’ is, you will make it.

How can we keep the sport of boxing strong?

Signing young talent…and developing them at a natural pace…take care of these kids and give the fans what they want, good strong fights.


Boxing Diva Questions

Describe yourself in 1 word?

Who is your hero?
My daughter for putting up with me as her mom for 29 years.  She’s a social worker recently earned her Masters from USC.  Then it’s Mandela and Martin Luther King.

Are you a girly-girl?
No, I hang out in gyms too much. I like to wear nice clothes and heels for pressers and fights but other than that I’m a knickers and tee-shirt kinda gal unless I have to go to Target then I put on sweats!

First thing on your mind, when you wake up?
Coffee and my running shoes on.

What is in your refrig right now?
English butter… fruit.. Cadbury chocolate..  half a dozen eggs, milk and water

Your guilty pleasure?
Talking smack hahaha!

Best personality trait?
Happy.. it’s a choice.

Celebrity crush?
No question: Robert DeNiro hands down. *** bit of trivia*** The very first time I saw my biological dad was in the movie New York New York with Deniro and Liza Minnelli!

I’m not as ____as I look.
Skinny.. I’m sucking it all in.. I’m a little fluffy right now

Worst habit?
Not relaxing.

Hidden talent?
Hiding the fact that I want to put hands on somebody but its unprofessional haha

If your cellphone fell in the toilet – what would you do?
Sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day… then fix the bloody phone haha

One thing you are NOT?

RachelCharles3If you went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming?
First off, me in any other form than fully clothed at the beach would scare off even a Great White… nah.. I’d sit and read a book haha

Your fantasy dinner party, what boxers would you invite?
Ali top of the table… and my stable right now, just to see them get to be in the presence if The GOAT.  I know that feeling… I have been lucky enough to work with him before.

Words to live by?
Don’t let em see you sweat and stand your ground, its yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

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