Interview: Super middleweight – Schiller Hyppolite

HyppoliteTHSchiller “Batman” Hyppolite is a super middleweight contender from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  His record is 13-1-0 with 9 Knock outs.  Schiller will be returning to the ring on November 21, 2014 against Alan Campa 10-1 with 7 KO’s at the Colisee Cardin, in Sovel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada.

This fight will be for the vacant IBF North American and the vacant WBC Continental Americas 168 pound titles.  Schiller has a powerful right hand and is a very spirited fighter.
Let’s meet Schiller:

Q  What made you want to be a boxer?
“I was fighting all the time so I decided to join a gym. I never planned to be a boxer.”

Did you instantly fall in love with boxing?

Describe your boxing style?
“I move a lot, I’m sneaky and a good counter puncher.”

Tell us a little about your amateur career?
“There is not much to tell, ha ha. I was the champion of Quebec 4 times in a row.  I traveled a lot and met incredible people.”

Boxers often say boxing saved their lives. Do you feel that way?
“Not really but boxing sure gave me a goal and direction to my life.  It also gave me ambition and made me want more from life.”

What is your best punch?
“Left hook.”

Are you excited about being the Main Event?
“I find it exciting to fight, period. I can’t wait to step into the ring.  Being the main event is not as important for me as having the chance to get a belt.”

What motivates you to step into the ring?
A “Knowing that I’m building something and that I could give something better to my daughter.”

Who is your trainer?
“Jean-Francois Bergeron.”

Where do you train?

Your favorite sparring partner?
“I really enjoyed sparring with Golovkin.  It was really hard, I had to stay in action all the time.  I also like sparring with Eleider Alvarez because I need to think and be smarter.”

Do you see boxing as an art form?
“Yes!  It is harder than what people think.  You have to be smart.  I could compare that to painting.  You have to use the right brush and to know where to apply the right color.”

Favorite part of training.
“Sparring and pads.”

Least favorite part of training?

What is your greatest strength as a fighter?
“My endurance.  I also understand and quickly analyze my opponents.”

What would you like to accomplish in the sport?
“Being champion of the world but also I want to make a mark on sport.  I don’t want to be a shooting star.”

What separates you from the other fighters in your weight class?
“I can adapt to different styles, different boxers; I’m a chameleon.”

Best moment of your boxing career so far?
“My second fight, against Dale Golden.  My daughter was born five days prior.  She was born premature and had to stay in an incubator.  The whole fight I was so focused and determined to end the fight as quickly as possible so I could go back to the hospital.  It was also the first time I was fighting with positive thoughts in my head.”

Q  How do you juggle everyday life with your boxing?
“My life is boxing, I sleep and eat boxing.”

If you didn’t box what would you be doing?
“Social worker.”

Favorite fighters right now?
“For his personality and for the man he is, I would say Bernard Hopkins.  For style, Andre Ward.”

How can we improve the sport of boxing?
“Better judging and well balanced fights.”

Some World Famous Diva Questions:

Q  Favorite color?  Blue
Q  Favorite food?  Haitian
Q  Describe yourself in 1 word ?  Contradictory
Q  Worst habit?  Eating sugar.
Q  Tell us something about you that might surprise people?  I sew and make my own suits.
Q  What is the best part of your body?  My chest
Q  What’s in your refrigerator right now?  Asian food
Q  Favorite music?  Salsa and Dance-hall
Q  Favorite TV show?  Boondocks
Q  First thing you do when you wake up?  Drink water
Q  The one thing that annoys you the most about people?  Selfish people
Q  Your favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla
Q  Away from boxing what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  Dancing.
Q  If you could go 1 round with any boxer in history who would you choose?  Bernard Hopkins

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