Interview with up & coming pro boxer, Emmanuel Lipscomb.

InterviewEmmanuel Lipscomb is a young boxer, living in Florida and looking to make a name for himself in the sport of professional boxing.  BOXING 4 FREE got in touch with Emmanuel recently to find out more about him, his plans for the future, and his training routine.  Get to know Emmanuel before he makes his pro debut in June.

BOXING 4 FREE:  You’ll be making your pro debut next month. Before we go into that, I’d like to know how you got started in boxing and how many amateur fights have you had?

Emmanuel Lipscomb:  First off, BOXING 4 FREE, I appreciate you giving me this outlet for boxing fans to become acquainted with me and I’m going put in hard work to stay relevant so we can do this more often.

I got my start in boxing in 2007 at Butzel Recreation Center in Detroit.  I went there after I got to a point in my life where I felt like my life was manufactured for boxing without ever even stepping in a ring and my first day at the gym pretty much confirmed that for me so much so that I quit my high school football team immediately after that and never looked back.  Two months after starting at Butzel I decided to start training at Kronk Gym because I didn’t feel challenge there (at Butzel).  I only have a few amateur fights but everybody usually thinks I have 20 times more than that until I tell them different. (Laughs).


B4F:  Your manager, Sylvana Ambrosanio, told me you worked with Emanuel Steward in the past.  Tell me about your time with him.

EL:  Emanuel was the type of person that all it took was his presence to make you want to be a better boxer and a better person.  He was the definition of love and an example of what we as humans should aspire to be.  He always had great advice, whether it was for boxing or for life.  The best memory I have of Emanuel is when I was sparring K9, we was banging, and everything time K9 caught me with a good shot I’d say “Naw, I’m not Corey Spinks, you go have to hit me harder than that”.  Then I looked over at Emanuel and he had the biggest smile in world, like he was really enjoying it and after we got done he came to me and took my gloves off and told me how much he wanted to see me fight.  I just hate the fact that he passed before he got to see me fight, but after that I want my boxing career to be a dedication to him.

B4F: I’ve heard that you sparred some big names in boxing.  Could you elaborate on that?

EL:  Well at Kronk when they think you might be ready for the big dogs they put you in there to see if you are ready and if you can hold your own, they keep putting you in there with the big dogs.  I been in the ring with Cornelius “K9” Bundrage, Steve Forbes,  Andy Lee, Dmitriy Salita, J’leon Love, Domonique Dolton, Tony Harrison and so many other great boxers and I beat a lot of those guys up.


B4F: In June, you’ll be turning pro.  What weight class do you hope to compete in?

EL:  Well we’re aiming for junior middle, but my trainer James Ali Bashir and I have talked about welterweight.  At the end of day, whatever weight class we choose I’m go wreak havoc on.

B4F:  BOXING 4 FREE has a lot of training information for folks new to the sport and these readers are always looking for more training ideas.  Please describe what a typical day or week of training entails.

EL:   Typical day for me, I wake up at 4:30 am, pray, go running 4 to 6 miles then when I get back home I eat and go to sleep until it’s time to go to the gym at 12:00 and I train for about 3 hours non-stop and talk sh-t with the gym for about an hour, if you watch Floyd you can see talking sh-t helps with marketing (laughs).  Naw but really, I’m smart, that makes it easy but then I go home, eat again, study fights and make sure I’m in bed by 9:00pm.

I’m lucky to have legendary old shool boxing trainer James Bashir on my team.


B4F:  Any advice for someone looking to get into the sport?

EL:  This not just a sport, this is a lifestyle, you can’t play with life and you definitely can’t play with boxing.  You have to live it.

B4F:  One last thing, is there anything you like to say to your family, friends and fans of Emmanuel Lipscomb?

Expect nothing less than greatness from me.  I do this for you.

Thank you for all your support.   Watch out for me because we are ready to make history!

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