Isn’t it evident to anyone with Deontay Wilder – one of the great fights of the last week.

Probably we may find out more after Deontay Wilder meets Anthony Joshua who actually already promised to “freeze out” Wilder.

We all were eyewitnesses of the great fight last week. Deontay Wilder against Luis Ortiz justified the pre-fight spin and delivered a battle that had even the most hardened skeptical bookies at online video slots casinos.

In early rounds, Ortiz outboxed “The Bronze Bomber” and looked very much like “the most avoided” man in the division. Ortiz punched that quick jab and showed that brilliant bodywork that especially drained Wilder’s stamina. Ortiz was hard in the corner and put on the tension. But all that was done until Wilder did what he meant to do. In spite of being under pressure Wilder looked tranquil, relaxed and balanced. He had a look as if he was preparing for a range of shots, which he eventually was able to do in the round number five. Wilder threw his heavy right hand that dumped Ortiz to the floor and immediately changed the tone of the battle. Ortiz was sort of lucky because those several seconds which remained until the end of the round saved him from the WBC champion’s classy attack. Whereas Wilder was one more time looking for the fight-ending blows Ortiz delivered a heavy counter right hook which all but had Wilder to throw on the canvas. A huge flurry of punches battered on Wilder though he managed to survive and didn’t fall on the canvas.


Wilder withstood a heavy range of shots as Ortiz was willing to become the first among the Cubans to receive the heavyweight title. Having passed that swing it looked like Wilder was self-assured and the end was close. Eventually, Wilder blew tremendous right hand which put Ortiz down on the canvas. This time it was impossible for Luis to rise as there was too much time and the hale of Wilder’s punches was too much. The referee had to intrude, tells bet online casino.

Wilder, in this breath-taking battle, came up and gave the answers to many questions. Although we have a whole bunch of questions and it’s hard to believe it may be answered when the inescapable fight between AJ and The Bronze Bomber takes place. In this battle Wilder proved he can fight, he is quick and has power though it all showed up at the end of the fight. Now we will wait to see how these two giants will do when they meet with fighters just as young, and as professional as them.

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