Joseph Parker Confident to Defeat Anthony Joshua After Faceoff

Two of the best boxers are going to battle it out in a few months to see which one will reign supreme in the world of heavyweight boxing. Some say that the Joseph Parker versus Anthony Joshua is a one-sided fight, while there are those that it’s what makes the fight thrilling.

Well, the undefeated Kiwi things the latter. Though every fighter has his right to feel confident about themselves, there’s that little ounce of doubt left in Parker, until now. The boxing world considers the March 31 fight as the Parker’s biggest fight of his career.

However, the mere thought that Anthony Joshua is way taller and bigger than Parker might seem to contradict any hopes of victory on the New Zealander’s side. Anthony Joshua is 5cm taller than Parker.

But Parker was surprised to see Joshua after the faceoff they had during their recent press conference. It was because the 28-year-old was much smaller than he initially expected. This was a frank statement he had after they squared off with each other.

The undefeated Kiwi says that he can see that Joshua is confident. However, he counters his seemingly humble statement by saying that he wasn’t as big as he expected. This implies that Parker is now more confident after personally seeing his foe.

In his own words, Parker says that he expected him to be taller and wider. It was surprising for him to hardly notice any difference when they stood face-to-face with each other. He calls it as a moment where he drew lots of confidence for himself.

Anthony Joshua, undefeated with a clean 20-0 record, is famed for his glass jaw. But even this isn’t enough to scare off Parker. Several criticisms have been thrown over the Kiwi, saying that he won’t stand a chance against the seemingly superhuman frame of the Englishman.

As expected, Parker finds it not to be the case at all. In fact, he says that the comments might have some truth to it. But he then adds that he had a previous sparring session with Klitschko, and it still turned out well for him.

He continues by saying that he has undergone the perfect training camp, thanks to the sparring partners that can replicate Joshua’s power, style, and power. Parker also adds that he knows that the odds aren’t in his favor. But this won’t stop him from believing that he’s got what it takes to turn those odds around.

Speaking of odds, it’s clear to see who’s the favorite. With 1/12 odds contrary to Parker’s humble 6/1, it’s easy to say that this fight might turn out to be similar to the Mayweather vs. McGregor match last year.

The head-to-head match even gives the Kiwi 11/2 odds, proof of him being the big underdog. Other sports bookmakers also placed -1200 odds on Joshua and+700 odds on Parker. The disparity is even greater than that of the Mayweather-McGregor match even though this fight will be fought by two undefeated and seasoned boxers.

With this, it’s pretty obvious that the Joshua v Parker betting offers, all point to Anthony Joshua’s favor. And it isn’t surprising at all knowing that he’s a way bigger guy than Joseph Parker. Also, not to mention that all of his wins are all won by knockout. Needless to say, anything can still happen in the fighting game.

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