Live updates here for the Canelo vs. GGG rematch starting at 11 PM EST

Starting at 11 PM eastern time, I will be doing live end-of-round updates for the rematch between Canelo Alvarez & Gennady Golovkin.

Round 1

Nice strong jab by GGG. Canelo with the faster hands, nice jab and left hook. Canelo keeps sticking the jab. GGG with some jabs of his own. They trade jabs on multiple occasions. Nice left jab and hook by Canelo. Tight round I’ve seen in a while. Canelo had the crisper strikes and better movement.

10-9 Canelo   


Round 2

Canelo lets the hands go for a bit. Nice uppercut by GGG, nice left hook by Canelo but GGG just blinks. Jab, Uppercut and hook by Canelo. Fast hands by Canelo back GGG up. Nice left by GGG. Nice body shot by Canelo, Left hook by GGG. Jabs exchanged. Loved what  Canelo did here.

10-9 Canelo


Round 3

GGG has a Little damage on his right eye. Nice uppercuts being traded, overhand right misses by Canelo. Nice left hook by Canelo catches GGG coming in. Canelo looking pretty good right now, quick and confident. Canelo makes GGG miss on a couple of exchanges. Canelo looking very good, For Now.

10-9 Canelo


Round 4

GGG starts strong, hooks up and down.  Canelo looking really fast, jabs and combinations looking great. Nice uppercut by GGG. Both fighters looking to go inside, GGG with the advantage there, digs to the body better here. GGG sticking that Jab. Nice uppercut by GGG, they scramble and Canelo with a left hook to the body. Jab by GGG.

10-9 GGG    


Round 5

GGG agressive, sticks the jab and times his strikes well. Uppercuts by Canelo. Canelo connects a right overhand after missing a left hook. GGG wild left hook but Canelo can’t capitalize.  Jab by Canelo, great movement too. GGG misses and Canelo comes back really well.  GGG connected the heavier strikes and looked good. Pretty even round.

10-9 GGG 


Round 6

Canelo making GGG miss and countering well. Nice left to the body by Canelo. GGG with the stiff jab. Canelo jabs also. GGG’s strikes seem to land heavier on Canelo.

10-9 GGG


Round 7

Nice left hook by GGG after some light exchanges. Nice jab by GGG, Hook and Uppercut by Canelo. Jabs by GGG. Jab by Canelo, misses straight right. They trade hooks. Heavy 1-2 by GGG. Nice uppercut by GGG. I loved what GGG did here, he looked great and stronger than Canelo.

10-9 GGG


Round 8

They fight on the inside, nice hook on the break by Canelo. They trade jabs. Nice overhand right by GGG. Great jab by GGG. They trade hooks. Straight right by GGG. Canelo gives a right back. They Trade rights. Canelo makes GGG miss and lands a right. GGG’s jab is the constant here.

10-9 GGG


Round 9

They trade hooks and the movement is a bit more limited on both sides. Nice 1-2 by GGG doesn’t land clean, but it’s heavy. Canelo digging the body well and seems to be putting his hands together very well. Nice overhand by Canelo.

10-9 Canelo


Round 10

Jabs by GGG. 2 Uppercuts by GGG. Canelo looking fast and aggressive now. Stiff overhand right by GGG. Stiff 1-2 by GGG and he feels  Canelo is hurt. GGG now makes Canelo miss. They Exchange good leather on the inside. Nice jab by GGG. GGG looking stronger.

10-9 GGG


Round 11

GGG cutting the ring but Canelo gets out of the way. Canelo doesn’t look great, seems to be fading a bit . Trading uppercuts on the inside. Canelo still making GGG miss on occasion. Nice left hook by GGG moves Canelo a bit. Canelo connected quick punches and seemed a bit crisper towards the end.

10-9 Canelo


Round 12

 Stiff jabs by GGG, great uppercut. Canelo with straight right and slips. They Exchange very well on the middle of the ring.  Great uppercut by GGG. They are holding when they get to the inside. They Exchange on the inside with Canelo looking pretty good in there. Left hook by Canelo. They Exchange and bell rings.

10-9 Canelo

I Have a Draw 114-114


Official scores for Canelo:




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