Maidana does not deserve a rematch. Get over it!

CommentaryIconI am stunned by the amount of support Marcos Maidana is getting for a planned rematch with Floyd  Mayweather Jr. after the two of them clashed this past Saturday in Las Vegas.  Marcos came to fight, but he lost.  He LOST.  Some are saying that the fight should have been declared a draw.  Those people are NUTS.

Marcos Maidana, coming off an upset victory over Adrien Broner, started the fight very aggressively.  He looked sharper than he did in the Broner fight.  In other words, Maidana came prepared to fight a full twelve rounds with the undefeated Mayweather. He came forward and put a lot of pressure on Floyd.  He threw punches in combinations and from various angles.  He got Floyd against the ropes on several occasions, unleashing many punches against him.  Floyd seemed perplexed and unprepared for this kind of fight.


Floyd complained to referee Tony Weeks about some foul tactics Maidana was committing.  The first four rounds of the fight consisted of Maidana getting Floyd against the ropes and throwing overhand rights with the intention of landing behind the head.  These illegal shots were not accidental.  These punches were thrown with the intent to land outside of the legal punch area.  If you go through social media, fans of Maidana are saying that he landed many more punches on Mayweather than previous opponents.  I can agree with that if you are including punches landed BEHIND THE HEAD.  The reality is, Marcos Maidana RARELY landed a clean, legal shot on Floyd.


Floyd Mayweather’s speed seems to have faded in this fight.  He was not as fast as he has been in the past.  That did not matter because the thing that’s more important than speed was still in Mayweather’s possession: timing.  By round five, Floyd had figured out Maidana.  He began to land with pin-point accuracy.  He was able to neutralize those wild punches to the back of the head and for the most part, stay away from the ropes.  Floyd was trying and succeeding to keep the fight on the outside, while landing some hooks as Maidana tried to rush in close.

Nice elbow Maidana...

Nice elbow Maidana…

The first four rounds of the fight could have gone either way, but from round five on, even with Maidana’s high punch output, it was Mayweather’s fight.  No longer was Mayweather confused about what he had in front of him.  Case in point, Floyd threw half as many punches as Maidana, but landed practically the same as him.  In other words, Marcos Maidana was shadowboxing while  Floyd Mayweather was fighting.


I applaud Marcos Maidana for coming into this fight in great shape, but he did not land  effective  punches.  Coming forward and being aggressive may win fights in the amateurs, but in the pros, things are more nuanced.  Making your opponent miss, landing clean, effective punches is what counts, and champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. did just that.

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