Mayweather / Maidana II: You get what you pay for.

CommentaryIconBack in May of this year, I wrote that while I scored the first Mayweather / Maidana fight 117 – 111 for Floyd Mayweather, a lot of the rounds could have gone to Marcos Maidana.

The same could not be said this time.

Back in May of this year, I wrote that the first round of Mayweather/Maidana was the most entertaining round I’d seen Floyd fight in quite a while.

The same could not be said this time.

Back in May of this year, I was excited for the next Floyd Mayweather fight.

The same could not be said this time.

I’m not sure what it is any more that people are surprised about. Did they expect Floyd Mayweather to fight the same type of fight he did back in May when he first fought Marcos Maidana? Did they really think he would allow himself to get stuck on the ropes and let Maidana fire shots at him?

Did they think that Marcos Maidana would be able to be more effective compared to last time?

Did they think that this Pay-Per-View was really worth almost $80?

I don’t know about the other questions I’ve asked but I can tell you that I don’t know anyone who thought this was worthy of their money. Why did I see it? Well this is what I like to do and also, I watch it at a sports bar where all my money is going towards eating and drinking.


Mismatches like Santa Cruz vs Roman might seem entertaining to non-fans like my folks who also watched from a restaurant in Ontario, but long time fans should know that viewers deserve better than that.

Did we really need to see Alfredo Angulo fighting again to know he hasn’t been the same ever since Erislandy Lara stopped him in 10 rounds?

Did Floyd Mayweather have to play it safe the whole fight and just dance around for half of the final round? What happened to “putting on an entertaining” show and “giving fans their money’s worth”?

If you’re like me and tired of this, then let your voice be heard. Tell Showtime that you want better undercards, tell the fighters that you want more out of them. Then don’t watch the fight. I’m serious, find out where in your area you can watch the fight, be it a bar or a restaurant but don’t let them think that if they put it on TV that you’ll watch anything.

When they do that, they mean this: You’re a moron and you have low standards.

You’re not a moron and you shouldn’t have low standards.

What’s next for Floyd Mayweather? Who cares at this point? He said that he’ll sit down with his team and discuss Manny Pacquiao but that’s exciting news if this were the year 2009.
Chances are it’s going to be Amir Khan or Danny Garcia. If it’s as boring as it was last night it’s not going to matter because he won’t knock them down, won’t knock them out, won’t take chances, won’t do anything.

Remember in the first fight between Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales.

Morales was ahead on the cards, knew it and decided that for the last round he was going to fight southpaw. He did and slugged it out with Pacquiao, bringing the crowd to it’s feet.
When he was asked why he did so Morales simply asked, “Did you like it?”

Larry Merchant smiled and said, “I loved it!”

THAT is giving the fans what they want to see.

What I saw tonight? I see it as someone stealing money and saying, “Wow, wasn’t that fun? Would you like that again?”

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