Mayweather – Maidana rematch… Are you kidding me?

CommentaryIconIf you haven’t heard by now, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to have a rematch with Marcos Maidana.  The fight is slated for mid-September of this year.  I don’t feel Marcos Maidana deserves a rematch.  I wrote about why back in May.  Almost 60 days after writing that, I am presented with the reality that the fight is happening.  Seriously, is this a joke?

Let me remind you that Mayweather is the champ.  Maidana was fighting for Floyd’s title.  The old adage is that you have to TAKE the title away from the champ.  While Maidana gave Floyd a very physical fight, he didn’t take anything.  He didn’t beat Floyd on the cards and he didn’t beat him in the minds of OBJECTIVE boxing fans.

Floyd Mayweather used to be called “Pretty Boy”, but he changed his nickname to “Money”.  Apparently he likes… money, lots of it.  This fight, thanks to word-of-mouth, will get the attention of the main stream media and make more money for Money-May.   The first fight did mediocre in terms of Pay-Per-View sales, but the rematch will probably break the bank.  If the general public thinks there’s a chance Mayweather could be defeated, they will pay to see it.

I guarantee the rematch will be a one-sided affair with Mayweather giving Maidana boxing clinic and possibly scoring a stoppage in the late rounds.  If you’re looking for a slug-fest, then don’t buy this fight.  At the very least, don’t buy the hype.

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