Mayweather’s next opponent

CommentaryIconI titled this post, “Mayweather’s next opponent”, because he gets to choose  the fighter that stands in the opposite corner.  He is regarded as the best and with the honor comes the luxury of picking who to fight.  The fans have very little say in who they want  Floyd Mayweather to fight.  That has been proven over and over again.  Has Mayweather chosen an opponent?

Of course the fans, as well as the general public, want to see Floyd Mayweather fight the other best fighter in the world, Manny Pacquiao.  We’ve been wanting to see that fight for the last five years.   Do I think he will choose Pacquiao?


He will continue to make lame excuses as to why the fight cannot happen even when the rival promoters and networks agree to work together.  Floyd Mayweather knows that his undefeated record may get blemished.  He cannot take that kind of risk.

A while ago, I thought that perhaps Floyd would fight Amir Khan.  A fight that means nothing to me or the general public.   The average person doesn’t know who Khan is.  However, I was convinced that Floyd, who knows he can beat Khan, would build Khan up as some dangerous fighter to make the fight bigger than it actually is.  This would be very much like the Marcos Maidana fight.  I have changed my mind.  Floyd will not fight Khan and obviously, he will not fight Pacquiao.

But what if he could win a world middleweight title?  That would look very good on his resume having already won the super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight, and super welterweight titles.  Let’s be honest, he was pushing his luck at the 154 pound weight class and 160 would be too much.  So how to win a middleweight title without taking a huge risk?  Fight a guy who he beat once before, is a small middleweight and happens to be the WBC Middleweight Champion.

Oh yes.  I believe Floyd Mayweather will fight Miguel Cotto next and for EXACTLY the reasons I stated.

Do I care?  Nah.  If he chose to fight Pacquiao tomorrow, I would not be interested.  I got tired of waiting.  These guys are on the verge of getting an AARP card.  I want to see the best fight in their primes, not when they are about to retire due to age.

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