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MiloradZizicInterviewButtonIf you’re a regular listener of our podcast you might have heard the name Milorad ‘Micko’ Zizic pop up once or twice.  He’s not on any top 10 lists yet, but he’s working to change that.  He’s 26 years old, son of a former amateur champion in Montenegro, undefeated with a record of 9-0 with 4 knockouts, has two minor titles and looks like a million bucks.

Zizic is a follower of BOXING 4 FREE on Twitter and was more than happy enough to answer a few questions so that I, his fans and potential fans could get to know him a little better.

photo5Andrew Schweitzer: When did you start boxing and what was the extent of your amateur background?

Milorad Zizic: I started boxing when I was 8.  In the amateurs I had about 30 fights because I had no good opponents here.  I was amateur champion of Serbia and Montenegro.  Boxing is the part of my life because my father was one of the greatest Yugoslavien fighters of all times.

AS: Could you tell me about your father?

MZ:  Yes, my farher is Veselin Zizic .  He was Balcan and Yugoslavian champion.  He had 220 amateur fights, 180 wins by knockout and 18 loses.  In the 70’s and 80’s it was only amateur boxing here because of communism, just like in Cuba.  Journalists and boxing experts here say that he is one of the best fighters from Yugoslavia and I am proud of him.  He is also very successful in life; he is the former president of the Professional Montenegro Boxing Federation.  Now he is honorary president because of health reasons.

photo4AS: You started your pro career a little over two years ago at the age of 25.  Considering most amateurs turn professional between the ages of 18-20, why did you wait so long to turn pro?

MZ: Yes I started professionally two years ago.  In Europe fighters usually start as pro at the age  of 25 or 26.  Some fighters from Montenegro even start at 30.  But I am not a “broken” fighter.  I feel good and I think that I can be one of the best in middleweight division.

AS: Who is your trainer?

MZ: My father is one of my trainers, but my main trainer is Croatian Vlado Bozic.  He is also trainer of Zeljko Mavrovic and Stjepan Bozic.  I’ve with him 2 years and I believe that he is one of the best trainers in Europe.

AS: Describe an everyday workout for you when you’re preparing for a fight.

MZ:  I really work hard.  I’ll prepare for a fight for about 8-9 weeks .  Three weeks work on strength and condition in the mountains.  Then I go to Zagreb ( Croatia) in camp to work on techniques and sparring.  Almost every day I wake up early , running about 10 km or go to the gym with my condition trainer, make few rounds of shadow boxing , stretching.  Then in the afternoon I go to boxing training…  Work on techniques, spar, work with medicine ball.


AS: At this point in your young career, you’ve already won two minor titles, the IBF Youth Middleweight Title and the WBC Mediterranean Middleweight Title.  What do those mean to you?

MZ:  For me, those do mean a lot, but I want title shot.  I want to became first Montenegran with world championship belt.  That’s my dream.  I will do anything and I will fight anybody to make it happen.  Those belts that I have right now are good for experience.   I just need a good promoter and I promise that I can do big things.

AS: You told me on Twitter that you have three months before your next fight.  Do you wish that you were fighting more often?

MZ: Yes, of course.  I would like to fight every two month, but in my country there is a very bad financial situation and it’s very hard to find sponsors. But I have 9 fights for one year and 8 months.  That’s not bad.

AS: Which fighters, be they from years ago or fighting today, do you look up to and respect?

MZ:  I respect lots of fighters but I have great respect for Gennady Golovkin, Mikey Garcia, Miguel Cotto and Brandon Rios.

AS: So far, what do you think has been the best performance of your career?

MZ: Every fight was good.  I am always good prepared but i think that my time is coming.  My best performance will be when I fight one of the top 10 middleweight fighters in the world.

AS: Who is the best opponent you ever faced?

MZ: I respect every fighter but the best I ever faced is Mamadou Thiam .  I broke both of my hands on his head! 

AS: You also told me previously that your dream is to fight in the United States.  How long do you think it will take until that dream comes true?

MZ: I want fight in America because the best boxing is not in Europe. The best boxing is in the United States. I think that I will go to United States after my next fight that will be held in my hometown, Niksic, on September 28th.

AS: What would you like to say to your fans, or people who haven’t heard of you until now, who are reading this interview?

MZ: Just pay attention to me and support me in my next fights.  I will find a way to thank them in the best way I can.

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