My issue with heavyweight Deontay Wilder.

He’s not using his natural attributes to his advantage, that’s my issue with heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.  He’s tall, has a long reach, but instead of fighting from the outside, he chooses to fight on the inside.  He could avoid taking a lot of damage if he uses his reach.

In Wilder’s most recent fight, he stopped Bermaine Stiverne in the first round.  In the first knockdown, Wilder easily dropped Stiverne.  How?  By throwing straight punches from the outside.  It was a jab – cross that sent him to the canvas.  Stiverne got up on wobbly legs.  Sadly, Wilder got anxious and started throwing wide, wild punches, but since Stiverne was already wobbly, those punches knocked him down again.  Then followed up with more wild punches, but what’s interesting, is that the punches that actually cause the damage are the straight punches, namely the straight right hand from Wilder.

Now you ask, what’s the big deal..  He won didn’t he?  Actually, he did and didn’t take any punishment in the process, but that is not always the case.  It seems to be the case when Wilder stays on the inside, he gets hit and sometimes hurt as he did in the Eric Molina fight.

Then look at the Malik Scott fight and it was so easy for him.  He stayed on the outside for most of the fight (only one round) until he threw a wide hook followed by a straight right hand which dropped Scott.  Deontay Wilder has the tools to keep the heavyweight title, but he likes to brawl.  Makes for great television, but I worry he will get hurt and/or lose the title soon.

Many would say I may be nitpicking and they may be right.  After all, Wilder is 32 years old.  He probably doesn’t have much more time in the sport to compete at the elite level.  Perhaps he should continue to fight in his typical style, because it is exciting and it is what got him this far.  However, I believe he can extend that career and win streak by utilizing those natural attributes.  Just sayin’.

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