Next time, I’ll fall for the “hype” job. Post Wilder-Scott

CommentaryIconYesterday I predicted Malik Scott would defeat Deontay Wilder, because of Scott’s superior boxing skills.  If you have been under a rock for the last 12 hours, Deontay Wilder knocked out Malik Scott within two minutes of the first round.  And here’s why…


Deontay Wilder’s power and boxing skills ARE superior to Scott’s.  Most will credit Wilder’s win to his power.  Power is nothing if you can’t land the punch.  My complaint about Wilder’s boxing style, up until last night, was that he would give up his height & reach and fight on the inside.  That has worked for him, but it puts him at unnecessary risk; putting him in the range of shorter reach opponents.  Last night, he was in with a tall opponent, an opponent who is a seasoned fighter that has a decent jab.  Wilder started out with a lead hook  and eventually landed a straight right from the outside that dropped Malik Scott and left him on the canvas (looks like the hook did the most damage).  I thought Deontay Wilder was a hype job, but after his flawless & easy victory over a very credible opponent, I say it’s time to give the man his due.  He’s the real deal.

Cheers Wilder.

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