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NightOfTheRandomThoughtsButtonI’ve been busy with work, other projects and life in general lately so I haven’t been able to muster the energy for a podcast. However with the build-up to Pacquiao vs Rios just around the corner, expect to hear my voice sometime soon. In the meantime, let’s go over some random thoughts I have on the boxing scene.

  • Adrien Broner took new steps in not being Floyd Mayweather by having a sex tape starring him leaked. In doing so however, he now comes off not wanting to be another Floyd Mayweather, but rather, another Paris Hilton

  • Broner’s fight upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana is being called “Danger Zone”. Show of hands, how many people think of the show “Archer” when they hear those two words together?

  • Back in April I did a podcast where I briefly reported on middleweight contender Curtis Stevens winning an eight round decision. One first round knockout victory later and he’s facing Gennady Golovkin this Saturday. Stevens couldn’t miss when I watched him fight but his opponent in that fight wasn’t on the level of Golovkin. Expect this to end within four rounds for GGG

  • I’m not sure if this was a mistake by someone at HBO but I was able to watch the Face-Off between Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao hosted by Max Kellerman. A day after I posted that link on the Facebook page, the video was made private and now (As far as I can tell), no one can see it. Remember over a year ago when Jim Lampley whined on “The Fight Game” how Showtime was not taking advantage of “free exposure” by not allowing footage of their fights to air on HBO. Yeah, HBO, the hypocrisy has come full circle.

  • I’ll give my brief thought on what I can REMEMBER from what I saw. First of all, I made a joke on the BOXING 4 FREE Facebook page that Brandon Rios would probably stand and trade with Manny Pacquiao until he had an orgasm. These are words directly from Rios during the Face-Off segment: “Boxing is better than sex; that’s MY orgasm!”

  • Never have I been so dead on about what floats someone’s boat. And never had I written the word “orgasm” so much when talking about boxing.

  • Also, Brandon, I know you’re referring to what your attitude will be like during the fight, but please, don’t use the phrase, “I’m gonna come” less than a minute after talking about your orgasm. I still have to rinse my ears out with bleach because of that.

  • Brandon Rios’ trunks are probably the boxing equivalent to Monica Lewinsky’s dress. OK, we’re moving on

  • Another video on HBO’s YouTube channel was one that I had been looking forward to for quite a while: “2 Days: Andre Ward”. Cameras followed the 168lb champion around for two days leading up to his fight with Chad Dawson. It was a good piece and I think my only problem with it was that there wasn’t any footage of what Andre was like backstage immediately after the fight and…it was just under seven minutes. Not long enough for a fighter you’re trying to build into a star.

  • Oh and that video is private now too. So any of you who don’t have HBO and are iffy about whether you want to see Andre Ward fight because you feel you don’t really know what he’s like…tough beans, says HBO.

  • Speaking of Andre Ward, he’s got a fight coming up. Let’s hope that after this we’ll see him remain uninjured between then and his next fight.

  • Roy Jones recently said that he would be willing to go down to 170lbs to face Mayweather. This statement, like most Roy Jones fights from the past few years…was utterly pointless and did nothing to excite anyone.

  • Come on, Roy, why talking about going down to a weight that’s nowhere near where Mayweather would ever fight. And I don’t even want to think about you fighting Anderson Silva…

  • Bernard Hopkins beat a younger opponent. People are still shocked by this.

  • According to Adonis Stevenson, Hopkins told him that they would fight next. However with Stevenson becoming a rising star on HBO, I don’t see that happening any time soon

  • This cold war between HBO/Top and Showtime/Golden Boy Promotions has got to end for the good of the sport
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