One Step Further, One Step Beyond: The importance of analyses

When you start boxing, the first priority is building-up your body and learning the basic skills.  The next stage, melting the single elements to an entirety, is the second. During this phase, your trainer is the main guide.

But what instructors can’t do is look inside your head.  WHAT do you think; HOW do you think.  When you master the basics of boxing, it’s time to look in the mirror.  ANALYZE yourself!  What’s your strength and what are your weaknesses.  When you’re aware of these components it is much easier to train more purposeful.  Consult your trainer and deliberate the new approach. Slowly but surely you’re going your own way.  The way that distinguishes you from your fellow boxers.

Another important side of making analyses is getting to know your (future) opponents.  Knowledge of his/hers skills and tactics can be a decisive advantage during a match or otherwise.  While sparring, change as much as possible to your opponent. Every boxer is different in style and capabilities so widen your experiences by changing.

It becomes clear now that analyses is closely connected to ANTICIPATION.  Knowing your opponent gives you the opportunity to make a PLAN. P lay chess with your fists and be a few steps ahead.


About the Author

Geert Gielissen
Boxing is my passion, of course. Since 1978, I work for a foundation where (most of the time) adolescents and young adults with social / mental problems are supported in developing social and occupational skills. My job is coaching sports (fitness, cardio, personal training and boxing {of course again}). Boxing is very popular not just for the physical, but also for the mental benefits. That's what I do and I love it! My diplomas are from / /

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