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FunTHThis Saturday, Manny Pacquiao and WBO light welterweight champion Chris Algieri are fighting twelve rounds in a championship fight.  Manny wants to see if Chris really deserves that title.  Chris wants to prove that he is one of the best in his weight class.  So how do I think it will go down?  Here’s my prediction.

Manny Pacquiao is known for his whirlwind style of boxing.  Once he begins to throw a punch, the combinations follow.  Many, many, combinations.  Not only does he throw many punches in a row, he throws them at many different angles.  Pacquiao’s opponents are always in fear of a punch that they can’t see coming.  He’s also a left-handed fighter, an awkward one at that: the ways he moves around the ring is sometimes unpredictable.  The big knock on Manny Pacquiao would be his sloppiness.  He rushes in while throwing a combination, sometimes forgetting that being greedy will mean a counter is sure to land.


Chris Algieri never fought as an amateur.  He did have twenty fights an a professional kickboxer never losing a bout.  However, kickboxing is very different than boxing, so while that may have helped with timing, perhaps allowing him to work on some of his boxing skill, his early professional boxing matches were his true testing grounds.  Chris is tall for his weight class.  Chris has very good boxing skills.  He has a solid jab which is almost textbook perfect.  His shots to the body, while not powerful, are thrown quickly and accurately.  However, he drops his right from time to time when he tries to dig in to that body.  His major downfall is, again, his lack of amateur experience.

The Prediction:

I am having a hard time with this one.  Perhaps it is my bias getting the best of me:  I prefer Algieri’s style of boxing.  It’s more textbook.  It’s clean.  I prefer that.  Plus he has youth on his side.  However, as Andrew Schweitzer has mentioned, Chris Algieri still lives with his parents which makes me wonder how determined this fighter is.  If he loses and never fights again, he will not have to worry about losing a home or apartment; he’s living with the folks.

Manny Pacquiao has lost a step due to his age.  I don’t see the fire or ferocity that he has shown in fights before the knock out loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.   Even so, Pacquiao has so much experience in championship fights.  He has seen many different styles of boxing.  Pacquiao has been in there with the best in the sport.

I think Chris will try to hang on but I see Manny Pacquiao stopping Chris Algieri in the 9th round.

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